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How to create CRM user buy-in

If you’re either about to implement a CRM system, or have recently implemented one, you’ll have lots to consider when it comes to making it work. For example, is the database structured in such a way that provides you with the business information you need? Are you

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Video: What is CRM as a Service?

The term “CRM as a Service” has been used recently, and it always seems to be people talking about technology. They’re talking about software and platforms in the cloud that house the technology. So CRM as a Service, really, means Software as a Service. We’ve been working

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The importance of user feedback for CRM projects

Over the years we’ve talked about how CRM isn’t a destination, it’s a journey – that should grow and develop over time as your company adjusts to internal and external changes. What makes this journey fruitful will depend largely on how your CRM users are actually using

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8 ways to improve CRM adoption in your organisation

Many surveys have been conducted around the use of CRM systems by sales and marketing professionals. In one study*, it was revealed that even though most are required to use CRM, 79% of the respondents just “check the box” to keep their bosses happy. This low adoption

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CRM 2016 – Back to the future

As if 2016 hadn’t been shocking enough, now it’s time to start thinking about 2017. For anyone involved in crystal ball gazing, 2016 delivered more than its fair share of surprises. How many of you correctly predicted the big news stories that burst around us? In the

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The horrors of CRM – not just during Halloween

This time last year I wrote a blog about The Halloween Horrors of CRM and covered a few ghastly ghouls in the CRM world, such as  CRM zombies – the living dead. Systems and processes that have died a slow death but are still used by people simply

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How to create and maintain CRM user buy-in

One of the major stumbling blocks in CRM implementations is getting people to actually use the CRM system. You might have bought the latest, all singing and all dancing bit of CRM software, and you might even have provided your staff with some training on how to

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Key Performance Indicators in CRM: Are your KPIs Hygienic?

Some time ago I came across the term “hygienic KPIs” in a CRM Management magazine – it was defined as “how good you are at using the application”.

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Ditch The Post-Its! Get Organised With CRM Hotlists

Post-It notes are great and can be used for a variety of purposes – from the obvious reminders to using them as bookmarks, shopping lists and even art and practical jokes. But are you still using them at work to help you remember things you’ve got to

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Managing through CRM to Grow your Business

“Managing through CRM”. What does that mean? And how can it help you grow your business? To answer these questions we need to go back to basics and answer some fundamental questions about what CRM is and how it fits into the culture of your business operations.

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