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Leveraging 200+ years of combined experience to elevate your CRM strategy, our approach is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that you fully utilise your CRM’s capabilities to enhance your customer engagement and propel your businesses growth.

Our CRM Solutions

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Comprehensive and integrated

Infor CRM offers seamless integration with your existing systems, ideal for businesses seeking a comprehensive, all-in-one CRM solution.
Reflect on the potential of Infor's integration capabilities to streamline your business processes and enhance data accessibility.
Evaluate how Infor's extensive tools and features can address the complexities of your business requirements.
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Versatile and innovative

Creatio's no-code platform offers unparalleled adaptability. It's ideal for businesses that require customised CRM processes to align with their unique operational needs.
Creatio empowers you to innovate at every step. Its versatile tools enable you to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business environment.
Consider the impact of Creatio's advanced features on your business efficiency and customer engagement strategies

Streamlined and user-friendly

Maximizer’s practicality and ease of use make it ideal for businesses seeking straightforward yet powerful CRM functionalities.
Maximizer’s no-code approach and ease of use make it simple to implement for any client in any industry
Maximizer is the perfect launchpad for any business looking to understand what CRM has to offer

Unsure which CRM solution is right for your business?

Let our expertise guide you in identifying the CRM solution that resonates with your business's unique challenges and aspirations.

Our consultancy goes beyond mere recommendations. We delve into understanding your specific needs, ensuring the CRM you choose fosters growth and efficiency.

Whether it's Maximizer, Creatio, Infor, or another option, we're here to provide insights and support, helping you make a decision with clarity and confidence.

The CRM & CX pocketbook

Dive into our CRM & CX Pocketbook for clear, actionable insights into CRM and CX. Written by our expert team, it simplifies CRM concepts, showing you how to effectively integrate them into your business. Remember, a well-implemented CRM can boost your revenues significantly – between 5 and 15%, as highlighted by top research firms.


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The Importance of CRM in Business

Effective CRM goes beyond managing customer data. It’s about understanding customer needs, enhancing interactions, and driving sales. A robust CRM system is the cornerstone of successful customer relationship management, fostering loyalty and long-term business growth.

Don’t let CRM complexities slow you down.

Don’t let CRM complexities slow you down. Contact Collier Pickard today, and let’s build a CRM strategy that propels your business forward.

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