Elevate Your Operational Efficiency

Discover how workflow management can revolutionise your business operations. At Collier Pickard, we’re experts in deploying automation solutions like Creatio and Zapier to streamline your processes, enhance efficiency, and catalyse growth.
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Why Consider Automation?

  • Are your current processes optimised for maximum efficiency?
    We specialise in streamlining complex processes, leveraging automation to reduce manual effort and boost productivity, ensuring your operations are as efficient as possible.
  • How connected are your business systems?
    Our expertise in integrating systems for seamless operation helps bridge gaps between platforms, creating a unified ecosystem that enhances operational excellence.
  • Is manual work getting in the way of your team’s potential?
    We empower teams with automated solutions, freeing your workforce from repetitive tasks to focus on higher-value strategic initiatives.
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Embrace the future of work by integrating automation into your business strategy. Let Collier Pickard guide you towards a more efficient and innovative operational model.

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“My experience told me that the software and the supplier I selected would have to be able to work with us. They would need to be able to respond quickly, and to demonstrate a “can do” attitude.”
IT Manager, Hilco Capital

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Business Audits


Do you foster a culture of education in your business? An educative mindset is key to unlocking new potentials. We guide you in creating the right education of your teams, helping them understand how technology can deliver insights and make life easier.

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Do your teams have the knowledge to drive innovation? Empowerment stems from education. By nurturing a learning environment, your teams gain the confidence and skills to effectively utilise tools, leading to innovative solutions and enhanced operational efficiency.

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Are your customer interactions evolving with your team’s growth? The evolution of customer experiences is a direct result of empowering your teams. As they grow in knowledge and capability, they transform how they engage with customers, fostering stronger relationships and driving business growth.

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Martec International Case Study Summary

The Problem

They struggled to find an efficient CRM that represented customer relationships in a way that reflected the business.

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The Solution

Collier Pickard provide a tool with high levels of customisation that was built around Martec’s way of doing business.

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The Outcome

Relationships became much easier to keep on top of, allowing Martec more time to expand and grow.

Transform Your Business with Expert Automation

Are you ready to harness the power of automation? Contact Collier Pickard today to explore how our tailored solutions can streamline your business processes and unlock new levels of efficiency and growth.

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