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Get the most out of your business with Maximizer

Discover the power of a CRM tailored to drive sales and nurture lasting relationships.

Why choose Maximizer?

Sales leadership at its best

Experience a CRM specifically built for sales leaders. Understand your sales team’s activities and guide them to success.

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Designed around critical sales processes

Maximizer isn’t just another tool; it’s your ticket to better sales:

Made for selling

No more second-guessing. Maximizer gets your sales right. It’s designed just for sales folks like you, helping you hit those sales goals every time.

Seamless sales flow

Dive into a world of streamlined sales. Maximizer’s Sales Leader Edition offers a vast array of features that not only simplify the sales process but elevate it. From tracking potential leads to sealing the deal, every step is enhanced.

All the sales info that you need

Ever wanted a clear roadmap to sales success? The Kanban Board in Maximizer makes tracking deals a breeze. Couple that with cutting-edge data visuals, and you have a clear picture of your sales trajectory. Set accurate targets, achieve those quotas, and watch as your sales team thrives.

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The bottom line? The Maximizer Sales Leader Edition is more than just a CRM tool.

It’s the turbocharge your sales team didn’t know they needed, propelling your business to unprecedented success.

In a nutshell, Maximizer’s Sales Leader Edition is not just a CRM tool; it’s a strategic partner that’s primed to drive your sales and catalyse business growth.

Key Benefits

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Informed focus

Prioritise critical data and guide your sales reps efficiently

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Sales team enhancement

Access real-time sales information and provide timely coaching

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Achieve Better Outcomes

Utilise pre-configured dashboards to steer your sales or renewal teams to success

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Track & Coach

Monitor sales rep activities, evaluate their performance, and guide them to close deals faster

Why businesses trust Maximizer

For over three decades, Maximizer has been the choice of 120,000+ global businesses, helping them close deals efficiently​.

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“We wouldn’t be able to run our business this way without a really productive CRM system, which is why we have been using Maximizer for so many years.  Over this time, we have continually enhanced our use of the product, taking advantage of the upgrades as they became available. We have also been helped by the support from our partner, Collier Pickard, especially when we take on something new. Our latest example is Collier Pickard’s Head of Support – Robbie Brand – who has made an important contribution to getting our contact scoring to work.”

Brian Hume – Martec

Get a glimpse of Maximizer in action

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Explore Maximizer’s features and capabilities with our interactive product tour.

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See how Maximizer focuses on knowing what your salespeople are doing, not just what they've done.

Maximizer Sales Leader Edition (SLE)

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Enhanced Activity Insight

Monitor team activities closely to ensure progress and pinpoint where guidance is needed.

Advanced Pipeline Management

Gain a comprehensive overview of the pipeline with real-time tracking and Kanban-style visibility for enhanced management.

Quota Setting and Alignment

Establish clear monthly and quarterly sales targets, tracking individual and team performance to make sure nothing is missed.

Maximizer Base Edition

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Unified Contact Management

Manage all customer interactions and information centrally for streamlined access.

Streamlined Sales Process

Monitor the entire sales journey, from lead to deal closure, to prioritise effectively.

Business Insights

Utilise built-in, configurable dashboards to gain critical insights into business performance and make data-driven decisions.

Learn how Maximizer has transformed businesses and driven growth.

Ready to revolutionise your CRM experience?

Get in touch with us to discover how Maximizer, with its Base and Sales Leader Editions, can be the perfect fit for your business needs.

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