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What we did for Martec International:

  • Bring structure to their very large number of clients.
  • Enable detailed profiling for use in internal and external selling.
  • Facilitate the production of management KPI dashboards.
  • Maximizer also provides a repository for invoicing and survey response information.

Martec International was established 33 years ago as a consulting company dedicated to the retail industry. It was formed in the UK and progressively won clients covering 35 countries in all regions of the world. Roughly 25 years or so ago Brian Hume, the Managing Director of Martec, found Maximizer on a shelf in a CompUSA store in Dayton, Ohio.In those days it was a single PC copy, no networking and its major feature compared to the competition of the time was that it could hold any number of contacts against a company record, without having to duplicate the company data on every contact. This was a big deal back then!

Martec adopted Maximizer and has stayed with the product through every upgrade in the last 25 years or so and now uses the latest cloud version. Early on in Martec’s journey they met Collier Pickard, then (and still) a key Maximizer partner in the UK and have been supported by us ever since. Along the way Martec moved into instructor-led training teaching retail skills, subsequently became an early adopter of e-learning, and latterly also moved into the consumer goods sector.

A year ago, due to approaching retirements, Martec decided to downsize the company and focus on its training business. In recent months the company has been re-structuring its processes to focus entirely on the various flavours of e-learning and web-based training and has been increasing its reliance on Maximizer in order to run a completely digital business with maximum efficiency. This case study will explain how Maximizer supports the company’s marketing, sales, and client service activities.

Throughout this Martec case study, we shall cover the following:

  • The Client Base and Database
  • Marketing
  • Opportunities
  • Contact Scores
  • Customer Service
  • Hotlist

Brian Hume from Martec has reviewed their use of Maximizer in some detail with the objective of showing how tightly woven it is into all their sales, marketing, product, and service delivery processes.He went on to say –

We wouldn’t be able to run our business this way without a really productive CRM system, which is why we have been using Maximizer for so many years. Over this time, we have continually enhanced our use of the product, taking advantage of the upgrades as they became available. We have also been helped by the support from our partner, Collier Pickard, especially when we take on something new. Our latest example is Collier Pickard’s Head of Support – Robbie Brand – who has made an important contribution to getting our contact scoring to work.

“Our use of the product significantly reduces the chore aspect of running a business and leaves our team with more time for the creative and stimulating aspects of their roles. Hence, we have no problem in getting our team to use the system to its fullest potential. This means that we can rely on the completeness and accuracy of information, which is another important consideration.”

To find out more, click here to read a full in-depth case study for Martec International and their use of Maximizer.


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