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Video: the relationship between Infor Operating Service, Infor CRM and Ming.le explained

Social influence on CRM Social media is everywhere. On your phone, tablet and on your laptop; in the news, in your business and in your home. So what about CRM? Where is the influence of social media on your CRM system? Well, Infor has answered this question

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How to customise My Work Day with embedded websites

You may be familiar with the My Work Day section in your Maximizer CRM system – it’s an area where everyone in your company can view Hotlist Tasks, Appointments and Company Announcements, as well as easily accessing your dashboards. But did you know that you can add dynamic

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Infographic: Social CRM – what works, what doesn’t

Social CRM – what is it and can it really help your business? Isn’t it just an excuse for marketing people to muck about on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+? Does it really matter what people tweet about or what their latest social status updates

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What’s new for CRM in 2016

This time of year is full of predictions and commitments. You’ve read some and probably thought a few yourself! But what of CRM in 2016? How will it change? What’s coming? What should we expect?

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CRM Integration with Calendar Systems – The Final Frontier

CRM Integration with Calendar Systems – The Final Frontier It looks very much as if 2014 will continue many of the trends started in 2013. Product announcements from Swiftpage, Microsoft, and others continue the drive put CRM at the centre of your user’s working day. Will they

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Infographics: CRM and Marketing

Infographics: CRM and Marketing The definition of CRM and marketing is continually changing. It’s like an expanding universe. New software tools and web techniques continually emerge and the ways in which you can engage with your target markets, your prospective customers and your loyal clients is in

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Social Media Complaints & CRM

Social Media Complaints & CRM How should your business cope with the rising trend of customers turning to social media to complain about poor service? This week’s CRM Whiteboard session looks at how prevention really is better than cure…

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Social Media and CRM

Social media is changing the way CRM can be used to form and strengthen bonds with your clients, and the way companies communicate – internally and externally.

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Infographic: The CRM Software Market – Past and Future Trends

Do you ever wonder how big the CRM software market is? Is it really as big and beautiful as all the CRM vendors make it out to be? We’ve put together an infographic to help outline the current, past and future trends in CRM Software.

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Generating Leads For CRM: Basics Of Getting Found Online

Generating Leads For CRM: Basics Of Getting Found Online Having a Customer Relationship Management system is all well and good, but you need to keep new leads coming in if you plan on using it to its fullest capacity. With that in mind, we’ll be having a

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