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CRM in 2017: Thoughts from a business owner

2016 saw many changes on the political and economic arenas, but in the world of business software, the changes were less seismic and more gradual. As a business owner and managing director of a small company, I am always keen to follow changes in each of these areas, as it inevitably

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What CRM Software Should I Use?

If you are looking for answers as to which CRM package you should use, this blog is for you. To help speed you towards the right answer, I am going to make some assumptions:

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My Existing CRM Is No Longer Fit For Purpose!

According to Wikipedia, CRM is ‘a business strategy employed for managing a company’s interactions with customers’. Here at Collier Pickard we believe it concerns everything you do to acquire, retain and develop profitable customer relationships. If you have decided yours is no longer fit for purpose, it

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Does My Business Need a CRM Consultant?

It is said that a consultant is someone who takes your watch and then charges to tell you the time. The reputation of consultancy is pretty poor at present – from sales people masquerading as advisors to the legions of ‘suits’ that infect our public services, the

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Back to CRM Basics

In the last few months a number of CRM software vendors have announced updates to their software. Infor used their experience of user interface design for a fresh new look. Maximizer responded to feedback from its huge user base with some subtle but important changes. Microsoft,,

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Christmas CRM Support Hours

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all from the team at Collier Pickard! We hope you enjoy the festive season and return refreshed and ready in 2015.

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CRM 2015 – What’s around the corner?

CRM 2015 – What’s around the corner? It’s that time of year again; time to look at the crystal ball of CRM and make our predictions for the year ahead. Back in 2013 I looked at best practice and came up with some suggestions as to how

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CRM Integration with Calendar Systems – The Final Frontier

CRM Integration with Calendar Systems – The Final Frontier It looks very much as if 2014 will continue many of the trends started in 2013. Product announcements from Swiftpage, Microsoft, and others continue the drive put CRM at the centre of your user’s working day. Will they

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CRM 2014 – Trends and Best Practices Past, Present and Future

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Whilst the residents of the North Pole are busy working out who’s been naughty or nice in time for Christmas present, I’m turning my attention back to Christmas past. Back in 2011 I wrote an article about how I

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The Customer Company

The Customer Company recently announced that they have achieved number one status in the world of CRM. But what does this mean, and what does it tell us about the state of the CRM industry? This week’s CRM Whiteboard session takes a look at the Customer

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