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The importance of user feedback for CRM projects

Over the years we’ve talked about how CRM isn’t a destination, it’s a journey – that should grow and develop over time as your company adjusts to internal and external changes. What makes this journey fruitful will depend largely on how your CRM users are actually using

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CRM Implementation Guide – Communicating with Stakeholders

If your organisation is looking to implement a new CRM system, and you’ve considered the technical and infrastructure requirements, what else is needed to ensure the project succeeds? We would suggest that this where soft skills and people come in. It’s the processes which, over time, are

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Video: How to use Word Templates in Maximizer CRM

Maximizer CRM offers many out-of-the-box features that can make your working life a lot easier. Our focus in this blog is on Word Templates, a feature that has been around for a while and has improved over the years. Maximizer’s Word Integration enables you to use Microsoft Word

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How to create CRM training videos

Alan Joenn recently blogged about the popularity of videos as a tool to aide learning. He highlighted how, according to The State of Video Marketing, 72% of us would opt for video to learn about a product or service when video and text are available on the

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CRM training videos

97% of marketers revealed that video has boosted user understanding of their product or service. Video is seen, almost unanimously, as having the ability to help users understand products and services. So says Wyzowl in this year’s annual report ‘The state of video marketing’. The survey also

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How to plot several postcodes on Google Maps

Sometimes we come across a handy tool or top tip that can be quite useful, especially when used in conjunction with your Infor CRM system. Here’s one we came across recently – the ability to plot several UK postcodes on to Google Maps. So if you’re planning

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How to make CRM succeed

In one of my previous blogs I mentioned that selecting the right CRM platform is not as important as you’d think in determining how successful your CRM journey will be. So given that this is the case, what SHOULD you be focussing on to ensure your business

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Infor CRM user options – a general guide

We all have different ways in which we use our Infor CRM system. This can be because of our particular job roles, and it can also be because of personal preferences. That’s one of the many beauties of Infor CRM – each user can fine-tune the way

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5 important CRM software project wrap up tasks

It’s a great feeling for all involved when a long, CRM software project is finally complete – installation and possibly customisation and configuration is done; user training is done; everything is ready to go. But once the project is finished, the outcome can be a bit like

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6 Top tips for CRM in manufacturing

More and more manufacturing and engineering companies are turning to CRM to help improve aspects of their business. We have built the following list of top tips based on our experience of working with many companies in the manufacturing and engineering sector. CRM in manufacturing is different

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