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Finding a CRM Partner – the perfect match

It’s Valentines’ Day and whilst some of us will be impressing our partners with romantic gestures, others will be trying to find “the one” via matchmaking websites, blind dates that friends set up etc. Which got me thinking about finding “the one” when it comes to sussing

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It’s not just your sales team who should use CRM for business development – here’s why

The meaning of “Selling” has changed quite a bit over the last 10 years or so. If you tried to personify the word back in the ’00s, you’d probably think of a pushy car salesman who didn’t care about whether he had a car that was right for you,

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CRM training videos

97% of marketers revealed that video has boosted user understanding of their product or service. Video is seen, almost unanimously, as having the ability to help users understand products and services. So says Wyzowl in this year’s annual report ‘The state of video marketing’. The survey also

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CRM market trends

I’ve been working with CRM for over 6 years now, and in that time the CRM market has changed tremendously, in almost every aspect. So what shifts have there been? What are the CRM market trends and what impact do these shifts have on me as a user and

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CRM trends for 2018

At the end of 2017, I nailed my flag to the mast and called out AI as the most over-hyped CRM feature. I also suggested that maps and CRM would come together to help bring back “face to face” selling. So at the beginning of 2018, how

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How to choose a CRM platform

We’ve all heard the question “which is the best CRM product?” – and it’s very easy to get hung up on this question. There are so many options, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Should you pick an off-the-shelf platform, which could be a cost effective choice

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5 important CRM software project wrap up tasks

It’s a great feeling for all involved when a long, CRM software project is finally complete – installation and possibly customisation and configuration is done; user training is done; everything is ready to go. But once the project is finished, the outcome can be a bit like

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3 videos showing what’s new in Maximizer CRM 2017

There are some exciting new updates in the latest version of Maximizer – and we’ve created 3 videos to highlight some of these new features: Video 1 takes a look at the brand new look and feel, without losing the familiarity of its layout; Video 2 shows

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Your journey to selecting CRM software

Selecting CRM software for your business can put your head in a bit of a daze. Where do you start? What factors do you need to consider? How do you know what’s right for you? Planning your CRM journey doesn’t have to be complicated, as the infographic

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