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CRM market trends

I’ve been working with CRM for over 6 years now, and in that time the CRM market has changed tremendously, in almost every aspect. So what shifts have there been? What are the CRM market trends and what impact do these shifts have on me as a user and

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CRM Supported Browsers

Chances are if you are considering a CRM tool, then it will be delivered to your users via an Internet Browser. Whether on a tablet, smartphone, or traditional computer, browser-based CRM is the norm. So why a blog on which browsers can be used? Surely all browsers

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Are web-based CRM systems a popular choice for small businesses?

The trend towards adopting web-based Customer Relationship Management systems is on the rise, particularly for small businesses. The reasons are many and varied but mainly point towards the increasing availability of affordable and customisable online CRM systems, suited for the small business market. On-premise CRM solutions often

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How to transition from on-premise to cloud CRM

The benefits of deploying your CRM system in the cloud are many and varied – such as financial savings (you don’t need to fork out the cash for costly hardware to run the system), ease of maintenance (you don’t need in-house technical skills to maintain that hardware), and

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Long-time Maximizer CRM User Migrates to the Cloud

Nigel Parker at Visions in Education has been using Maximizer CRM for 20 years to manage his school tours businesses. The Maximizer CRM system was always hosted on his own servers. The arrival of high quality internet at their offices in Bolney has enabled Nigel to migrate

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Web based CRM systems – containing costs

Cloud, cloud, cloud! When you talk about CRM systems these days everyone mentions the cloud. But there’s more than one way to think about the cloud and I’d like to suggest an approach which may help contain the costs associated with cloud computing.

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CRM On The Go

According to the latest International Data Corporation (IDC) study, tablets are increasingly being deployed as the only devices that employees are equipped with to perform their business activities. If you are considering replacing those expensive sales laptops with tablets, have you considered your CRM tool? Just because

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Why the Cloud is the Answer for Start-Ups

The cloud. People talk about the cloud as if it were the best thing since sliced bread. A panacea for all your computing needs. Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. Let’s have a look at the cloud, describing what it is and why it may

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Why You Don’t Need to be a Nerd to Get CRM

In a recent blog I wrote entitled “CRM in a day“, I recommended that start-ups should implement a cloud-based CRM platform. My reasoning was that if you want to get a CRM system live in just 1 day, you need to eliminate the technical aspects and concentrate

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Meeting Changing Market Conditions Head On with CRM

Some say it started in financial services sector, others that it came from the IT sector. Was it the financial crash, or the growth of the BRIC trading block?

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