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CRM 2016 – Back to the future

As if 2016 hadn’t been shocking enough, now it’s time to start thinking about 2017. For anyone involved in crystal ball gazing, 2016 delivered more than its fair share of surprises. How many of you correctly predicted the big news stories that burst around us? In the

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The horrors of CRM – not just during Halloween

This time last year I wrote a blog about The Halloween Horrors of CRM and covered a few ghastly ghouls in the CRM world, such as  CRM zombies – the living dead. Systems and processes that have died a slow death but are still used by people simply

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CRM Analytics vs. Business Intelligence – what’s the difference?

In the world of politics people frequently make a distinction between conservative (small c) and Conservative (capital C). You might think this is a bit pedantic, but they are different and political commentators need to make it clear whether they are talking about something reserved and conventional

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CRM business intelligence – then and now

Way back in 2009 we started talking about 3 aspects of CRM. We like to think that we were in at the birth of a modern view that CRM includes:

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Meeting Changing Market Conditions Head On with CRM

Some say it started in financial services sector, others that it came from the IT sector. Was it the financial crash, or the growth of the BRIC trading block?

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CRM Dashboard Design and Best Practice

CRM Dashboard Design and Best Practice We have all been there – dealing with that steep learning curve over those first few weeks as the ‘new kid on the block’ in the office. It has been no different for me in my new role as Technical Consultant

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When is my CRM project complete?

When is my CRM project complete? At the outset of a CRM project you will have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. You may articulate your top level goals in any number of ways: growth, efficiency, market share, client satisfaction, customer retention, cost reduction,

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Infographics: CRM and Marketing

Infographics: CRM and Marketing The definition of CRM and marketing is continually changing. It’s like an expanding universe. New software tools and web techniques continually emerge and the ways in which you can engage with your target markets, your prospective customers and your loyal clients is in

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CRM Implementation – a process to ensure success

Success in CRM is achievable if you focus your efforts in the right areas. It need not be expensive or arduous, but it does require careful thought. What gives me the right to make these claims? As one of the authors of our STEP CRM project methodology,

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Business intelligence and management information reporting

Business intelligence and management information reporting Recently the news seems to be filled with statistics showing the improving health of the UK economy. Hardly a day goes by without a number purporting to show that UK plc. is on the up. Do you trust this data? Does

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