What will you discover?

We believe information can change the world and that every business user contributes to that transformation. With the QlikView Business Discovery platform, everyone can easily analyse data and experience that “a-ha” moment of discovery.


Insight Everywhere

Business Discovery is a whole new way of doing things that puts the business user in control. Unlike traditional BI, where just a few people are involved in insight creation, Business Discovery enables everyone to create insight. It’s about workgroups, departments, and entire business units having access to the data they need to make better decisions. With QlikView, businesses can take insight to the edges of their organisation, enabling every business user to do their jobs smarter and faster than ever. QlikView enables all users to create tailored insights that meet their unique business needs and timelines.

QlikView Business Discovery Platform
QlikView Business Discovery


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Social & Collaborative

Business Discovery enables users to share and collaborate on relevant data across individuals, workgroups and departments. It lets them collectively discover within in-context workspaces, capture the conversation, securely share information, and review decision results. It’s built on open platform so it can integrate with existing social and business networks.

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App Model

Business Discovery lets developers build and deploy analytic apps in just days or weeks that solve unique problems, based on relevant data provided by IT. QlikView apps are task-specific, purpose-built, and easy to access and use without training.

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Remix & Reassemble

Nobody can predict what questions business users will have when they start exploring data—not even the users themselves. Business Discovery makes it easy for people to remix and reassemble data in new views and create new visualisations on the fly for deeper understanding.


Business Discovery supports a new world of mobile applications and data. It’s about delivering live data and analysis so users can answer any question they want on the go, whether it’s on the Apple iPad, Android tablets, or on smartphones like Apple iPhone and Androids.

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