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Video: How to customise Key Fields in Maximizer

We love data, but sometimes we are also hit with “Too Much Information”. When you routinely enter information into your Maximizer CRM system, such as new business Opportunities or Address Book entries, it can be helpful with just a short, smart list of User-Defined Fields that are

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How to merge data to a template stored in Maximizer CRM

In this third and final blog in my 3-part blog series about merge templates in Maximizer, I will show you how to store a merge template in Maximizer. In case you haven’t read the previous blogs in this series, here they are: Part 1: How to create a Maximizer

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How to store a merge template in Maximizer CRM

Last week I talked about how Maximizer merge templates save you time and effort if you regularly create documents that use data in your Maximizer CRM system. That blog was titled “How to create a Maximizer CRM merge template” and includes a video tutorial. If you haven’t read

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How to create a Maximizer CRM merge template

We like it when something saves us time and effort, don’t we? And it’s not about being lazy, it’s all about working efficiently! When a work process can be made easier, quicker and the results are more accurate, then it’s well worth doing.

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Video: How to install the Maximizer Outlook integration

In our last blog and video, we demonstrated how you can install the Microsoft Word toolbar on to your Maximizer CRM system. In this blog and video, we’ll show you how to install the Maximizer Outlook integration toolbar.

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Video: How to install the Microsoft Word toolbar in Maximizer

Did you know that you can integrate Microsoft’s Word program with your Maximizer CRM system? This integration is very handy and means you can open Word directly from Maximizer CRM and work with information from your Maximizer CRM system in Word. This can save you loads of time and effort, for example,

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Maximizer CRM 2016 R2 released

Maximizer CRM has been hard at work developing new features for the latest release, Maximizer CRM 2016 R2. Many of the new features are based on recommendations from customers – here are some of the enhancements:

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How to find duplicates in Maximizer CRM

If you follow our blogs, you’ll often come across articles about the importance of CRM data integrity and data quality. A database that contains poor quality data will lead to poor user adoption as confidence in the accuracy of the information drops. One of the biggest culprits of poor data quality

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Making your work day easier with Maximizer CRM Preferences

We all have our little preferences in life – and there’s no exception when it comes to work, and working within Maximizer. For example, some of us like to set alarms on hotlist tasks to ensure we don’t overlook anything, whilst others find those pop-up reminders annoying.

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How to uninstall & install Maximizer CRM Microsoft Office integration

Maximizer CRM has some great integration options that can help you in the way you work more efficiently. This includes integration with Microsoft Products, such as Outlook and Office. For example, you can view your Outlook messages inside Maximizer CRM and automatically save them to customer records,

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