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Maximising the use of your hotlist tasks

The Hotlist feature in Maximizer CRM is very useful for managing not only your follow-ups and workload, but also for handling your colleagues’ tasks. Did you know, for example, that you can assign tasks to your colleagues in Maximizer CRM – and that you can follow up on

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Choose how to be alerted in Maximizer CRM

You know that little alarm bell in the top right-hand corner of your Maximizer CRM system? They serve a great purpose because they help remind you of things that require your attention, including completing hotlist tasks, accepting meeting invitations and so on. But let’s be honest – are

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CRM seminar in London on 28th March

There’s only one reason to accept an invitation to a seminar these days – and that’s because there’s something of value to be learned … something which you cannot find online. So please join us at our seminar on Tuesday 28th March at Southwark Cathedral, near London Bridge.

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How to customise My Work Day with embedded websites

You may be familiar with the My Work Day section in your Maximizer CRM system – it’s an area where everyone in your company can view Hotlist Tasks, Appointments and Company Announcements, as well as easily accessing your dashboards. But did you know that you can add dynamic

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How to create dashboards – for the customer service team

In my last blog, I talked about how dashboards in Maximizer CRM can provide users and managers with a visual overview of key performance indicators, making it easy to monitor progress. I gave an example of how to create a sales dashboard – the video in this blog will

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How to create dashboards – for the sales manager

Dashboards in Maximizer CRM are great tools to use as they provide users and managers with a top-down view of activities (sales, marketing and customer service), making it easy to monitor progress. What’s more, it allows you to see metrics in real time so you can quickly

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Working with Action Plans in Maximizer CRM

The hotlist task functionality in Maximizer is very useful when you’ve got a myriad of things to remember to do. But if you’ve got a particular process to follow through that involves several tasks/steps, then Action Plans are better placed as the tool of choice. For example,

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3 videos showing what’s new in Maximizer CRM 2017

There are some exciting new updates in the latest version of Maximizer – and we’ve created 3 videos to highlight some of these new features: Video 1 takes a look at the brand new look and feel, without losing the familiarity of its layout; Video 2 shows

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Optimising CRM performance on a virtual environment

I was with a customer the other day and came across an interesting, but puzzling situation – one which raised lots of questions but where the answer went against what I thought was correct about CRM performance on a virtual environment. Here’s what I found out.

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What’s new in Maximizer CRM 2017?

Maximizer CRM 2017 will be here shortly – with a brand new look and some exciting, new features and functionality. We’ve attached a what’s new in Maximizer CRM 2017 datasheet to this blog that covers everything you need to know about this latest version. So – in a nutshell, what’s new?

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