Maximizer CRM – Reporting & Intelligence

Access timely, accurate insights through visual dashboards, in-depth metrics, and reports. View the sales, marketing and customer service information you need to manage day-to-day operations, refine processes, resolve potential issues and leverage opportunities.

Visual dashboards, easy to use Excel Reports, in-depth metrics and timely alerts and reports enable rapid and effective evaluation so you can take action. Capture the valuable information required to proactively adjust tactics to effectively manage day-to-day operations, refine processes, resolve potential issues and leverage opportunities. Optimise your allocation of resources, budget and time to drive revenue.

Make Informed Business Decisions

The latest version of Maximizer comes with pre-built Excel reports for contacts, customer service, opportunities, and marketing campaigns. In addition, you can create new reports and customize the templates to meet your unique business needs.

  • Keep tabs on your biggest deals and most valued customers by staying alerted to important changes in their status.
  • Determine what changes you need to be aware of and configure email notifications to be sent to you and others when a sales opportunity has been modified.
  • Facilitate timely response and collaboration by keeping account managers and partners up-to-date so they can take effective action.

See the Big Picture with Dashboards

Easily configurable dashboards allow you to setup and modify key performance indicators to display in formats of your choice. Indicators such as the value and status of forecasted sales, daily customer service incidents, and marketing campaign response can be effortlessly be monitored.

  • See results at a glance with easy to visualise charts, gauges, thermometers, and LED-style displays on your dashboard.
  • Save time with quick and seamless setup and modification of dashboards by any user.
  • Configure your own dashboards to display key performance indicators in formats of your choice and set up to update as often as needed.
  • Maximize rolling date options for greater dashboard configuration.
  • Enhance your insight further by drilling down to view the data behind the metrics in a detailed list that can be formatted, sorted and exported to Excel®.

Real-time Visibility into Your Business

Build profitable relationships through advanced lead tracking and sales opportunity management. Sales management and sales forecasting tools built into Maximizer CRM make tracking sales pipelines simple.

  • At a glance reports and visual dashboards help keep sales teams motivated, focused and accountable.
  • Automated alerts make sure the right people follow up on leads and track the status and source of every opportunity to measure your sales and marketing funnels and conversion rates.