Maximizer CRM – Customer Service

Profitable customer relationships are at the beating heart of business success. As a market leader in the CRM industry for 25 years, Maximizer has been aiding businesses increase sales, generate high quality leads and raise productivity and revenues whilst delighting customers.

Maximizer CRM can help you rein in costs, while delivering your best ever customer service, which nurtures and encourages customer loyalty. The Maximizer CRM software understands your need to monitor and interact with multiple parameters at once and will help to effectively track, manage and resolve issues, including technical support, billing and returns allowing your company to effortlessly resolve issues before they become problems and offer unparalleled customer service using Customer Service functions.

Customer Case Management

Improve customer service easily by flagging issues with responsive trouble tickets. Once completed, tickets can be tracked and searched for using case numbers, product categories, assignments and more.

  • Maximizer’s alerts and notification functions can be used to escalate and resolve issues in a timely, professional fashion, and with access to previous communications and complete customer profile history, responses are quicker, to the point with customer needs fully understood.
  • Automate processes, such as case assignment and notification, to keep you ahead of customer expectations.
  • Communicate with customers according to their preferences with the new anti-spam tool.

Online Service Index

Create an instantaneous, searchable online archive of detailed, accurate product information for your clients. The “Knowledge Base” tab will help you reduce unnecessary in-bound calls as well as being a place to share incident resolutions with other colleagues, thereby reducing duplication efforts.

  • It can also be an interactive area for clients to see FAQ.
  • Use the new alarm panel to ensure all case actions are completed in a timely fashion.
  • Link to a central Knowledge Base to resolve issues faster.„
  • Escalate customer service issues to the appropriate specialist and resolve cases more rapidly.
  • Control service resources through effective tracking of billable hours and rates according to service level agreements.

Customer Self Service

Through Maximizer’s customer self-service, your customers can login to a web portal integrated with your customer service CRM solution and have quick access to their online order status and customer service cases to track their issues or orders from beginning to end.

  • Enable customer self-service via secure Web portals.
  • Use the new Auditing tool to track system usage and identify security issues for the self-service portal.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Maximizer can be integrated with a phone system to display relevant contact information for both inbound and outbound calls. Not only basic information, but any relevant correspondence with the client.

  • Respond faster and improve call productivity with computer telephony integration (CTI and new VOIP and IM for outgoing calls).
  • Functionality will capture critical client history and improve call accuracy and impress your client with your in-depth knowledge, before you even pick up the line.

Measure Service Quality

Similar to sales targets, live information and automated data graphs regarding customer service metrics can be displayed through dashboards, reports and alerts. More critical service issues can be addressed rapidly.

  • Easily track details of customer issues by configuring case-related fields that are important to your business, such as product application or model number.
  • Benefit from real-time data from Maximizer in Excel, ideal for Marketing Opportunity or Campaign analysis and customer service auditing.
  • Access the power and simplicity of using pivot tables to generate graphs for easy management information.