posted by Dougie Collier on June 23, 2022

Maximizer Minutes - Maximizer 2022 R1 Changes Overview Title ImageThe Maximizer 2022 R1 update brings plenty of quality-of-life features that make understanding your interactions with clients and prospects much more intuitive and informative.

In our latest video, we give you an overview of the features and show you where to find them in your Maximizer.

We have both a video and the transcript for you here. Or, if you want to see everything in one place you can download the Maximizer CRM 2022 R1 New Features here.

If you want more detailed guids on some of the features mentioned in the video, you can check out our other videos here:


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In this video we will cover:

  • Improvements to the Interactions feature
  • Improvement to the Interactions Report
  • Changes to hotlist tasks and appointments
  • Advanced Search using interactions as qualifiers

1. Improvements to Interactions Feature


Starting with the improved interactions features:

  • Previously, you would have found Emails under the notes and documents tabs, but they are now categorised as interactions which can be found under the interactions tab
  • This has been done to include all forms of interactions, including emails, in one simple place
  • To account for this change, the procedure for composing emails has changed to include specifying four fields related to interactions
    • Category
    • Result
    • Full Access
    • Read Access
  • Like with default entries in the address book, you can now create a default entry for interactions, as well as emails
  • For example – the subject and results value might be the same for most of your email interactions, by specifying these results as ‘default values’, you can save time in the long run.
  • Also, the default value for ‘Full Access’ might be the same for all email, specifying it before hand can then save you time in composing emails.
  • Default and customer interaction types can now be added to an existing interactions list from the interaction tab. A new ‘Add’ button is available under the Interactions tab, by using this, you can add your own customer interactions.

2. Improvements to the Interactions Report


  • When it comes to reporting on Interactions with Maximizer CRM, there are two types of report – The Consolidated Interactions and the module-specific Interactions.
    • The Consolidated Interaction Report is available in Address Book, Opportunities, Customer Service, Leads and Hotlist, and this allows you to report on the interactions of users.
    • Module-specific interactions reports contain details related to interactions associated with a module. These reports can be run for the Address Book, Opportunities, Customer Service, and the Leads modules.
  • In both type of Interactions report, two additional details have been added –
    • Duration of phone calls
    • Duration of all interactions
    • Previously, the duration of incoming and outgoing calls was only available on the Incoming vs Outgoing call report

3. Changes to Hotlist Tasks and Appointments


  • In version 2022 R1, two fields related to Interactions have been added to the Hotlist Task and Appointment windows, these are – Category and Results
  • These fields together help connect appoints and tasks with corresponding interactions.
  • This now means that tasks and appoints can be accessed from a single place and can also be reported on in the Interaction report

4. Advanced Search Using Interaction as Qualifiers


  • You can now search for records from the Address Book, Leads, Opportunity and Customer service modules using Interactions as search qualifiers.
  • Using a combination of the interactions fields you can create complex search queries to filter the records.
  • Saving the search queries allows you to store the criteria for a search operation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video talking about the new features in Maximizer 2022 R1, if you’re not already on the latest version of Maximizer, feel free to get in touch.

If you want to get some more information about these new features, we have a couple more videos which you can find in the description below.

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