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posted by Alec Cormack on July 13, 2011
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SalesLogix Tips: Creating an Ad-Hoc Group

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Using Ad-Hoc Groups to Manage Contacts

One of the most powerful SalesLogix features is the ability to create groups, be they conditional, based on a commonality or ad-hoc. The ad-hoc group can be created with just a few key clicks and can serve any number of different purposes. Perhaps you need to call a number of people in the next week or so, then create an ad-hoc group. You could build an ad-hoc group to use with a mail merge or just a list of your most regular contacts.

Let’s assume you have a number of contacts you wish to have quick access to, from any list select one or more contacts and highlight them.

Right Mouse click and select the ‘Save Record as a Group’

You are asked to give the new group a title, keep it as short as possible.

The new group will appear as a tab at the top of the page.

Adding more contact records to the new group

Repeat step 1 and when you have highlighted more contacts

Right Mouse click and select ‘Add to an Existing Group’

A list of your ad-hoc groups will be displayed

Select the appropriate group and those records will be added

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