posted by Alan Joenn on February 22, 2013
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Social media is changing the way CRM can be used to form and strengthen bonds with your clients, and the way companies communicate – internally and externally.


Hello and welcome to this video white board session where today we’re going to talk about social media and the impact that it is having and will have on CRM.

Social media in the context of this short video is about the internal use of social media tools within your own organisation, as well as using external tools like twitter and Facebook and linked in for promotion of your marketing messages and for engagement with clients and target clients.

So a bit of history first, when CRM applications first became pervasive in businesses they were very much about storing things and sharing them internally. The database itself would hold structured information about clients, prospects and target clients. Internal notes were added to this and shared documents which looked at sales plans, marketing plans, account development plans and so on were all housed within the CRM system.

By the time CRM was established in that way, it started to trend in a way that it becomes more collaborative with people outside your own organisation, so now the shared document piece is not just about internal documents it also becomes a place to share documents which have been exchanged with your clients or target clients, including integration with Outlook and email trails being stored as part of a CRM record. That’s extended out into telephony and some organisations have complete computer telephony integration, where by not only do they record inbound and outbound telephone events, but sometimes they even record the conversations themselves for audit or training purposes, as many call centre people will tell you as an announcement.

The extension of making CRM more collaborative in the outside world has been massively extended in recent years where interaction that takes place with e-marketing is recorded directly back into the CRM database, where inbound marketing activity and visits to your website are recorded back into the database, and even to the point where now instant messaging that you might have only used in a personal way in the past can now start to crop up in professional life, and again be recorded in the collaborative tool which is your CRM database.

Now this is trending out into social media as well in that we here at Collier Pickard now use Twitter to drive traffic back into our messaging and record the web activity that results from the twitter response and again that becomes the shared part for analysis of customer activity, messages that work, messages that don’t and rapid fine tuning of go-to-market messaging.

Other uses of social sites, Microsoft have just bought Yammer which is a Facebook type tool that you might use as a intra-company social site, Salesforce have for years had a site that is like Facebook called Chatter that works in collaboration with their CRM tool, Oracle have just bought Eloqua which is at the enterprise level of web activity recording of visitor activity around your site.

Other tools like Maximizer will link out to linked in and help you define contacts and target clients through their profiles on social sites, so this world is changing. I think there’s a trend that has made these pieces here, particularly instant messaging and social sites, absolutely pervasive in the personal life of people in their teenage, twenties and thirties, and as those people grow up in business they will expect those same level of collaborative tools to be available in their professional contacts, and CRM is therefore trending in this direction.

I hope you found this short video worthwhile there’s more tips and info on our website and thank you for watching today.

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