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How to get the most out of your sales opportunities in CRM

Most CRM solutions will give you the means to record and follow the progress of your sales opportunities. A truly fantastic tool if used in the right way, as it can provide you and your sales team with detailed account and pipeline information, helping you manage all

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Infographic: The 9 Days of Christmas

What does Christmas mean to you and your business? For us at Collier Pickard, our number one priority is to give our customers the support they need (and a little light relief!) to make it through what is the busiest time of the year for most of

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How to turn marketing challenges in CRM into opportunities

Black hole noun [astronomy]: a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape. Black hole noun [informal]: a place where money or lost items apparently disappear without trace. Any marketer reading this article will recognise the informal definition of

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5 signs that your CRM data integrity is going down the drain

Everywhere you look there seems to be another slightly patronising blog about data quality with titles like:

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How to define your business strategy before you select CRM software

One consistent element that runs through my blogs is the need for your CRM system to support your broader business strategy. If you look at any of our customer success stories, you will see that strategic vision is a key element in CRM success. I believe that

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4 marketing challenges to overcome in CRM

Every marketing team faces challenges, whether they are part of a multi-national corporation or a growing SME. Some may face issues with the number of leads they are generating, others might be having a tough time collaborating with their sales colleagues to streamline their sales process. Whatever

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How to transition from on-premise to cloud CRM

The benefits of deploying your CRM system in the cloud are many and varied – such as financial savings (you don’t need to fork out the cash for costly hardware to run the system), ease of maintenance (you don’t need in-house technical skills to maintain that hardware), and

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What’s better for Marketing Directors – Marketing Automation tools or CRM?

Tough question! But there are three simple answers to this question. Each answer is specific to the way you work today, the way you plan to work tomorrow and the way you’d like to work in an ideal world. So let’s investigate my three simple answers one

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How to make CRM work for Marketing Directors

CRM thinking and CRM systems are so often about sales. Pipelines and sales forecasts. I don’t know the percentage but the lion’s share of the systems we install are for sales users – in the office and on the road.

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CRM In 2016: What’s New?

Halloween has gone for another year and Christmas is fast approaching. In a few weeks, 2015 will become history. For CRM software vendors, 2016 is already here – a flood of announcements from CRM vendors has kept the team at Collier Pickard busy. As an independent CRM

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