posted by Alan Joenn on September 7, 2012
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This week in our regular CRM Whiteboard session, Alan Joenn takes a look at how marketing has evolved to take advantage of new technologies and how this affects marketing with CRM.


Today we’re going to talk about Customer Relationship Management – CRM – and digital marketing. Lots of organisations have a requirement – a desire – to keep communication going with their customers on a regular basis.

The problem is that email as a vehicle for this kind of communication is overused. People get full inboxes and they’ll only read things that they have a good inkling are relevant to them and their needs in the way they run their business.

So targeting is the key focus of customer contact in digital marketing.

So this diagram is our best practice model for effective targeting using digital marketing.

We believe that if you segment properly within your CRM system, within the database, properly profiled customers, you can be selective about the messages that go out via email.
If within the email you have landing pages which are connected through hyperlinks within the email text itself, you can encourage people to go and collect the information that you have directed them to rather than delivering it within the body of the email itself.

The email now becomes easy to read and the action to go out and pick up more details from the landing page is done at a time that convenient to the reader of the email.

If the message that you have on the landing pages carries the right level of conviction and the call to action to the reader is compelling, they will go with your call to action and this interaction with your message can be recorded back into CRM. You now know how to nurture that customer based on his or her preferences and you improve the targeting through nurturing – increasing the quality of the data that you have about that person; what they like, what they don’t like, what they’ll read and what they don’t read, and this cycle continues in such a way that you have a continuous improvement in targeting and therefore continuing effectiveness in the email communications that you’re sending to people.

It can be a complex subject. It might involve websites and cloud based email marketing as well as your CRM system or it could be rather straightforward with mail being sent out via Outlook.

There’s more information on our blog. We hope you find our advice useful and thank you for watching today!

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