posted by Alan Joenn on March 22, 2013
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One of the most common problems encountered by firms that have been using CRM for some time is that their system is missing functions and features that they now need. Why is this and how do you overcome the issue? Our CRM Whiteboard session this week explains exactly what to do.


Hello and welcome to this video whiteboard session which is the fourth in a series of short videos which have been looking at CRM problems and issues. This one is about missing functions in CRM.

Whenever we get invited into an organisation that’s had a CRM programme running for some years, the user community always has a list of missing functions. “CRM doesn’t do this, it doesn’t do that, it doesn’t do some of the things that I need it to do” and that’s frustrating.

The reason that this situations crops up is because your original design of the Operational CRM system was made a static design and not dynamic. We believe that best practice in CRM is that your Operational CRM environment should be a dynamic world which is continually updated. And the virtuous circle which helps you keep it up to date and stops this problem arising is that of using analytical techniques to look at user engagement with the system, data within the system, processes within the system and map those back on to the practices the working practices that you have in play within your customer touching environments.

So, the analytical piece from your operational system informs best practice, and informs changes that are required in best practice, in order to meet changing market demands, changing management directives or other influences that are changing the way you need to do business. If you keep this virtuous circle going, continually analysing the operational environment that you have for CRM, updating your best practice and using this info to make incremental changes on a regular basis to your Operational CRM system, you’ll keep it alive and you’ll stop this complaint arising within your user community.

We hope you’ve found this short video informative there’s more info about Operational CRM and Analytical CRM published in eBooks which you’ll find on and thank you for watching.

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