CRM Installation and Integration

Remove the headache of installing your new CRM system by working with Collier Pickard’s expert Technicians. Once it’s installed and running, make sure it’s connected to other key systems with our CRM Integrations service.

CRM Installation

Make sure your new CRM solution is installed properly with the help of our highly trained CRM technicians.

CRM Integration

Connect your CRM with other key software, such as accounting systems, marketing automation platforms and other front or back-office applications.

CRM installation and integration are just two of the CRM services offered by Collier Pickard. But if you need to do your own research before you talk to us, then take a look at our CRM Resource Centre where you’ll find a range of eBooks, blogs, and videos designed to help you make the most out of CRM, including The Operational CRM eBook, highlighted below:

The Operational CRM eBook

Operational CRM provides a framework within which CRM Best Practice can be recorded and driven. It also provides the data used by Analytical CRM to enhance and develop CRM Best Practice.

Discover the role of operational CRM with The Operational CRM eBook, a short guide to the day to day functions of a successful CRM installation.

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Our strategy is to drive shareholder value through sales growth and excellence in customer service throughout our business. Partnering with Collier Pickard has helped us to identify key technologies and business processes that support that strategy.

Ian Fraser, CEO

Brammer CRM System
CRM Installation Services

CRM Installation & Upgrades

Get your CRM system installed or upgraded by the professionals

Have you just bought a new CRM system, or are you upgrading an existing one? No worries. Our Technical Consultants will ensure your installation or upgrade is carried out efficiently – avoiding the risk of costly installation / upgrade errors. Talk to our team of experts today about working together to install or upgrade your CRM system.

Supported CRM systems:

  • Chrome CRM
  • Infor CRM
  • Maximizer CRM
  • Metis Professional Services CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Whether it’s new software or upgrading yourself from an old version to the latest release, our technical consultants can help you get the job done painlessly.

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CRM Integration Services

CRM Integration

Connect all the pieces to achieve a fully integrated CRM

Ensure your CRM solution is as effective as it can be by integrating it with your existing systems. Work with our Technical experts to build the CRM integration you need between key systems in your organisation.

From marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot and Salesfusion, to email clients such as Outlook, to back-office and accounting systems including Sage 200, our Technical consultants will help you get the most out of integrating your CRM with your systems.

  • Chrome CRM
  • Infor CRM
  • Maximizer CRM
  • Metis Professional Services CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Talk to our team today about integrating your CRM with your existing front and back-office systems.

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As a medical charity, we run a complex operation for research grants and funds allocation. Collier Pickard has grasped these complexities and provides us with guidance, software tools, web integration and support services to exactly meet our needs. The partnership between our organisations is very beneficial.

Peter Bradbury, Chief Financial Officer

Arthritis Research UK CRM

Too early to commit?

If it’s still too early in your CRM project to decide, or you’re not sure which direction to go with CRM at this time, don’t worry! Just reach out to us and we’ll help steer you in the right direction for your business. Our range of services extends to more than just CRM installation and CRM integration!

Register for a free CRM consultation with one of our team today.