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Creatio is the no-code platform to automate industry workflows and CRM with a maximum degree of freedom.

Creatio Overview

Sales Creatio Logo
Creatio Sales Dashboard_1
  • Account and contact management
  • Intelligent data enrichment
  • Data enrichment through social media
  • Profile completeness
  • Customer segmentation
  • Interactions and communication history
  • Search and merge duplicates
  • Customer database analytics
  • Communication panel
  • Tasks and calendar
  • Email
  • MS Outlook integration
  • Calls
  • Enterprise social network
  • Analytics
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Qualification
  • Lead Distribution
  • Hand-off to Sales
  • Analytics on Leads
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Out-of-the-box sales process
  • Sales initiation
  • Qualification
  • Presentation
  • Develop and submit a proposal
  • Sales pipeline and analytics
  • Order list
  • Orders history
  • Orders processing from website
  • Single window for order processing
  • Supply and payment schedule
  • Order approval
  • Invoices
  • Orders and invoices analytics
  • Field Force Management
  • Field Sales Rules
  • Mobile Orders
  • Forecast Sales Base on the Variable Criteria
  • Analyse Progress to Meet and Exceed Sales Quota
  • A single contract database
  • Printable forms
  • Contract approval
  • Analytics
  • Unified product catalogue
  • Product catalogue management
  • Product attributes
  • Filtered search
Marketing Creatio Logo
  • Socio-demographic data
  • History of Customer Events
  • Understanding Customer Needs and Preferences
  • Intelligent Data Enrichment
  • Data Cleansing and Merge Duplicates
  • Customer Database Analytics
  • Segment Builder
  • Work with targeted segments of the audience
  • Website Event Tracking
  • Tracking Lead Sources
  • A unified interface for lead management
  • Lead Qualification
  • Hand-off to Sales
  • Analytics on Leads
  • Intuitive Campaign Designer
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • Trigger Emails
  • Analytics
  • Bulk Emails
  • Visual Content Designer
  • Personalisation
  • Email Split Testing
  • UTM Tracking
  • Communication Management
  • Plan and manage all events
  • Ad Campaigns, Conferences, Webinars
  • Analytics on Events
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Calendar and Tasks
  • Email
  • Calls
  • Enterprise Social
  • Data Enrichment through Social Media
  • Dashboards
  • Knowledge Base
Service Creatio Logo
  • Communication Panel
  • Email
  • Calls
  • Enterprise Social Network
  • Analytics
  • Register cases
  • Monitor case progress
  • Instant feedback
  • Agent Home
  • Supervisor’s Workplace
  • Queue Management
  • Service Agreements Database
  • Service Agreement Activation
  • History
  • Analytics
  • Unified Service Catalogue
  • Service Categories and Priority Management
  • Service Catalogue Analytics
  • Unified Case Database
  • Service Desk Organisational Structure
  • Out-of-the-box Process for Incident Management
  • Registration and Classification
  • Incident Investigation and Resolution
  • Incident Closure
  • Analytics
  • Problems and Known Errors
  • Identification and Classification
  • Problem Diagnostics
  • Problem Resolution and Closure
  • Problem Resolution History
  • Analytics
  • Change Requests
  • Registration and Classification
  • Coordination and Approval
  • Implementation
  • Analytics
Studio Creatio Logo
  • Build applications in just a few clicks
  • Consolidate View of All Apps, Connectors and Templates
  • Manage All Instances
  • Facilitate Collaborative No-Code Development Process
Creatio Application Hub
  • Design a beautiful interface of any type
  • Use a library of predefined views, widgets, and templates to accelerate the design process
Creatio Freedom UI Designer
  • Build workflows of any complexity
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop workflow builder
  • Optimise and manage your structured and fluid processes using industry-leading workflow automation capabilities
Creatio Workflow Automation
  • Configure your AI use cases with no limits and no-code.
  • Streamline decision making and increase your efficiency by utilizing powerful yet simple AI/ML models.
Creatio Integrations
  • Using sophisticated yet simple AI/ML models, you can streamline decision-making and boost efficiency
  • Set up your AI use cases with no restrictions and no-code
Creatio AI and Machine Learning
Studio Multi Device Image

Build Your Own App with Creatio Atlas

Watch Creatio's latest release to:

Learn how no-code can become a game-changer for your business

Experience the freedom to own your automation with Creatio’s 8.0 platform

Want to see just how good Creatio is? In this video, they build an app from start to finish in just one hour

Creatio Freedom

Creatio One Platform

All Creatio functionality – out of the box Marketing-Sales-Service functions, workflows and business process automation, Marketplace add-ons and more – all reside in one platform in the cloud operating under SOC 2 Type II security.

Creatio Freedom

The platform is no-code oriented with free access to the Academy for online learning and configuration support – delivering the freedom for you to own your business automation processes and manage these from any location in the world, with 24×7 global support, if you need it.

Creatio Genuine Care

Creatio is refreshingly focused on customer success and is heavily partner-centric. This ethos starts with the Founder and runs through to everyone within the company and the partner community.

Your dealings with the whole Creatio ecosystem are managed through your relationship with Collier Pickard, acting as a one-stop shop.

Creatio No-Code Platform

Studio Creatio

Using Studio Creatio makes setting up workflows simple and can accelerate the transformation of your business cycle including the three cornerstones of CRM – marketing, sales and service.

Featuring 4 key sections including; Workflow, Case Management, System Designer and Core Configuration, you will be able to build personalised processes, applications or industry-specific solutions to suit your unique business requirements.

Key Benefits of Creatio No-Code software

Empower both IT and non-IT staff to build enterprise-level apps and processes using the No-Code platform

Save time and valuable resources by automating routines and repeatable tasks using No-Code techniques

Effortlessly build custom apps with Creatio’s No-Code development capabilities

What We Think of Creatio

Paul Pitman Headshot

We recognise that flexible, adaptable and scalable business processes are the best way to deliver the increases in profitability that drive shareholder value. CRM has become a business transformation programme to unify people, processes and data – to delight customers.

We believe that with the inclusion of Creatio in our product portfolio we are further enhancing our ability to help our customers excel. Our research clearly showed how Creatio could make data work for the user, as opposed to making the user work for the data. The perfect tool for workplace transformation.

Paul Pitman, Managing Director at Collier Pickard

Creatio At a Glance

Marketing Creatio provides best practice processes for efficient lead management – from demand generation to lead nurturing, to final hand-off to sales. Make sure your sales team focuses only on qualified and sales-ready leads.

Sales Creatio is a cloud based CRM that drives efficient sales processes and enables total control over the complete customer journey – from lead generation to loyal repeat sales. Employ out-of-the-box processes to manage the entire sales cycle.

Service Creatio offers out-of-the-box processes based on industry best practices. Manage customer requests and automate service operations by following pre-defined processes for customer care excellence.

Design process diagrams with simple visual tools, store them in a convenient process library and manage all processes in the unified environment.

Extensive integration capabilities (.Net tools, REST, SOAP, OData, open API), as well as sophisticated tools for identity and access control, company’s organisational structure management, allow for swift integration of Creatio into the ecosystem of any business.

Extend the functionality of the Creatio platform with an ever-growing selection of connectors, add-ons and templates to extend platform functionality.

These days, the vast majority of implementations are cloud-based, which means that you don’t have to worry about server specifications etc. For on-premise, or private cloud deployments, please contact us to discuss the requirements for your solution.

Collier Pickard offers extensive support options to our Creatio clients. Our team of Creatio consultants are highly experienced and able to support your CRM system fully, leaving you to run your business. Choose the support option that meets your needs:

Priority Support

Take out an annual support contract with Collier Pickard for full access to remote, online support and telephone help desk support. Get priority assistance for issues large and small.

Ad-hoc Support

Buy support hours up-front, charged at an hourly rate. Access to remote and help desk support.