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CRM for Inbound Selling

The traditional benefit of a CRM system is still predominantly thought to be the outbound sales management functionality, but with the increasing prowess of marketing automation systems and, particularly their expanding integration into CRM platforms, how do the odds stack up for inbound rather than outbound sales

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Monitoring sales team performance with CRM

What sort of questions should you be asking from your CRM system to extract valuable sales performance insights? This will depend on your industry and business model, but here are some pointers to get you thinking: Which customers do you spend the most time and effort on? Effort could be

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Do’s and don’ts when managing sales opportunities with CRM

If your business development team doesn’t have a data driven culture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when reviewing your team’s sales opportunities in CRM. For example, you might think – why are there open opportunities which are expected to close in the past?! Why are there 3 copies of the

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Opportunity sales processes in Maximizer CRM – a masterclass

Opportunities in Maximizer CRM are designed to help manage all your future potential revenue. To help understand when you might expect each order, Sales Opportunity Processes guide and inform. If you want to really master opportunity management in Maximizer, here are our top tips. When you create

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Mayflower Engineering Case Study

Background From the world’s largest rotating mirror ball to the amazing Helix Lift Bridge in Falkirk and the Carpenters Road Lock at the Olympic Park Stratford, when it comes to bespoke engineering solutions, Sheffield based Mayflower Engineering leads with innovation. Founded in 1974, Mayflower Engineering’s core business

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Why is CRM failing?

For someone like me, with a passion for all things CRM, the latest news from Miller Heiman makes depressing reading. In their recent CSO Insights 2018 Buyer Preference Study they report that currently only 53% of sales representatives are meeting or exceeding their quota. So despite record

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Video: Busting the GDPR myths

As we approach the deadline for GDPR compliance (25th May, 2018), it may feel a bit like a mad scramble to get things in order. And with so much information on GDPR out there, it can also be confusing. So let’s get back to basics and understand

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Infor CRM user options guide – how to set your opportunities

The User Options area of your Infor CRM system allows you to tweak your settings so that it works in the way that suits your preferences. In previous blogs about Infor CRM user options, I covered: Infor CRM user options – a general guide Infor CRM user

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Quotation software – part of CRM or ERP?

There are many pieces of software on the market for quotations. Some are simple … a product file, a price list and a quote template. Others are sophisticated … configure, price, quote (or CPQ) tools with complex configurators and product image building. The goal of each type

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How to achieve accurate sales forecasting and management

A sales person will often rely on experience and gut feel to estimate the probability of closing a sales deal. Whilst personal knowledge and hands-on experience certainly goes a long way, this doesn’t necessarily always work. So we have developed a question-and-answer style grid to help achieve

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