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How to create CRM user buy-in

If you’re either about to implement a CRM system, or have recently implemented one, you’ll have lots to consider when it comes to making it work. For example, is the database structured in such a way that provides you with the business information you need? Are you

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CRM Implementation Guide – Communicating with Stakeholders

If your organisation is looking to implement a new CRM system, and you’ve considered the technical and infrastructure requirements, what else is needed to ensure the project succeeds? We would suggest that this where soft skills and people come in. It’s the processes which, over time, are

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5 important CRM project start-up tasks

So you’ve identified what your CRM strategy is and you’ve been through a lengthy process of inviting various CRM suppliers to pitch a selection of products to your company. You’ve narrowed this list down based on how well this fits with your strategy and eventually decided on

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5 important CRM software project wrap up tasks

It’s a great feeling for all involved when a long, CRM software project is finally complete – installation and possibly customisation and configuration is done; user training is done; everything is ready to go. But once the project is finished, the outcome can be a bit like

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Checklist for IT Directors when implementing a CRM solution

Last week my colleague, Caroline Robertson (Client Operations Manager), wrote a 3-part blog-series about what IT Directors need to consider when choosing a CRM system. She covered the before, during and after stages of a CRM project in detail. Here, I’ve condensed it into one blog.

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Things to consider when selecting CRM for IT Directors – part 3

Choosing CRM for IT Directors – the before, during and after

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Things to consider when selecting CRM for IT Directors – part 2

Choosing CRM for IT directors: the before, during and after Part 2 – the During As an IT Director, let’s assume that you have read our previous blog and completed your due diligence on the areas below:

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Things to consider when selecting CRM for IT Directors – part 1

Choosing CRM for IT directors: The before, during and after Part 1 – The Before So your organisation has made the decision to leap into CRM (or change your existing system) – what can you do in order to make it a pleasurable experience for your users?

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Implementing a CRM system that grows with your business

Just this week I visited a company in the Midlands for the first time. Successful business. Owner managed. Profitable. Wholesale and OEM customers. Looking to grow by 50%. The MD has run successful businesses in the past and now recognises that he has reached the point with

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How Can I Get My Staff Invested In CRM?

In the past, there were regular reports of CRM systems failing to demonstrate a Return on Investment (ROI). Thankfully, the incidence of CRM system failure is declining and success is the new normal. How did this change come about – and what lessons can be learnt?

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