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Why it makes strategic sense to unify Event Management and CRM

I wrote about a tool we developed for managing events in CRM a little while ago, and whilst this enhancement was specific to a single platform, I think it’s important to understand why it’s crucial to have a unified Event Management and CRM system from a strategic standpoint. CRM

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Making event management easier with CRM

My colleague, Alan Joenn, recently blogged about CRM and event management, raising questions about how easy it is to organise events using your CRM system. If you are involved with events, trade shows, product launches, showcases, seminars and so forth, then you will know how important it

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Event management and CRM – forgotten territory?

Events have been the responsibility of the marketing team forever. Organising annual events, recurring programmes of seminars (webinars), sponsorships, product showcases, exhibitions and trade shows – they’re all part of the marketing team’s remit and everyone expects them to just get on with it. But in the

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Infor Next in London – get the latest updates on Infor’s products and technology

Infor Next is an event hosted by Infor that covers all the latest updates on Infor’s product and technology strategy, as well as strategic announcements. Held in London on 30th November 2017, it is a key event for Manufacturing & Distribution customers!

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