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Collier Pickard’s GDPR preparations

Our GDPR preparations – or the tale of the cobbler’s childrens’ shoes. If you are preparing your data for the implementation of GDPR on the 25th of May 2018 – then you may well feel my pain. Like you, the team here at Collier Pickard have been

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Existing data and GDPR – what you need to know now

In previous blogs I have written about the need to get ready for GDPR (as I write this blog at the end of November 2017, there are less than 180 days left, including weekends and public holidays). If you think the earth was created in 7 days

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How to work with emails – and Maximizer CRM

The majority of us spend a vast amount of time using email as a way of communicating and sharing information with others. And if you’re using a CRM system, like Maximizer CRM, the ability to quickly and easily store relevant information in the system becomes key. So

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Top 5 GDPR myths vs. the reality

In my last blog I introduced GDPR as the single biggest change to the way marketers can process data. I highlighted some useful resources and suggested some steps to build GDPR compliance into your CRM system. This time I thought I would attempt to quash some of

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GDPR – What CRM users and managers need to know

In May 2018, data protection laws will change thanks to the introduction of a new directive from the European Union. This new ruling is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The new directive aims to streamline data protection by bringing a standard practice into place for

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Trade shows: how can your CRM system help you get organised?

I have a confession to make – I’m not a huge fan of doing trade shows, or exhibitions as we also call them. There is always a ton of stuff to prepare, organise, execute and follow up on… and it’s not because I’m work-shy, but it can

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CRM seminar in London on 28th March

There’s only one reason to accept an invitation to a seminar these days – and that’s because there’s something of value to be learned … something which you cannot find online. So please join us at our seminar on Tuesday 28th March at Southwark Cathedral, near London Bridge.

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Integrating Email Marketing Services and CRM

Integrating Email Marketing Services and CRM When is BI not BI? When it’s an information conduit and not a decision support tool! (Sometimes the truth just isn’t the punch line you hoped for!)

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