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Monitoring sales team performance with CRM

What sort of questions should you be asking from your CRM system to extract valuable sales performance insights? This will depend on your industry and business model, but here are some pointers to get you thinking: Which customers do you spend the most time and effort on? Effort could be

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CRM Analytics vs. Business Intelligence – what’s the difference?

In the world of politics people frequently make a distinction between conservative (small c) and Conservative (capital C). You might think this is a bit pedantic, but they are different and political commentators need to make it clear whether they are talking about something reserved and conventional

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When do you need CRM reporting, and when don’t you?

Throughout this site you will find information on CRM systems with a myriad of features that make them great “personal productivity tools”. The whole team at Collier Pickard is passionate about making CRM something that users will want to use. We love CRM that makes everyday tasks

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CRM business intelligence – then and now

Way back in 2009 we started talking about 3 aspects of CRM. We like to think that we were in at the birth of a modern view that CRM includes:

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Key Performance Indicators in CRM: Are your KPIs Hygienic?

Some time ago I came across the term “hygienic KPIs” in a CRM Management magazine – it was defined as “how good you are at using the application”.

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How Copying Key Elements from Competitors Leads to Growth

We worked with a Florida-based management consultancy some years back. Their business model was clear and well defined:

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Growing Your Business by Copying your Peers

In his book, Liars Poker, Michael Lewis attributed a quote to John Gutfreund, then CEO of Salomon Brothers. When asked by a trader how to respond to a competitors tactics Gutfreund allegedly said “you’ve got eyes, plagiarize”. His recommendation was that in order to win, the trader

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Bringing Data from Multiple Sources into CRM

Implementing a CRM platform to drive how your team acquire, develop and retain profitable customer relationships? Throughout this site and in many of our blogs you will find references to data quality and its role in CRM success.

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Database Cleaning Best Practice

Database Cleaning Best Practice The value of any CRM system is the data within. So why do organisations spend more money on software than on the data content?

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What is Business Intelligence?

What is Business Intelligence? BI Explained BI has become the standard abbreviation for Business Intelligence. But what is Business Intelligence? What do we mean when we refer to BI? Is it just a spin on reporting and pivot tables? Or is it something different?

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