Attract opportunities. Convert contacts. Nurture relationships.

Salesfusion is the premier platform for improving how companies attract, engage, and close new customers. Sales and marketing professionals worldwide use Salesfusion to optimise the lead to revenue life cycle, by adding efficiency, scalability and predictability to each step in the process.

Salesfusion combines traditional outbound and more modern inbound approaches to marketing automation, from email marketing to lead scoring and social media sharing and analytics.

Why we recommend Salesfusion

Salesfusion is the only marketing automation software solution that is built on a CRM database. Salesfusion boasts more out-of-the-box integrations to CRM systems than any other marketing automation system. It remains cost effective enough for SMEs, despite its rich features and functionality and can help organisations improve their bottom line through boosting lead generation and conversion.

Salesfusion Marketing Automation Platform
Salesfusion Key Features

Key Features

Smart Marketing AutomationSmart Marketing Automation

See 70% faster sales cycle and 54% improvement in sales quota.

Lead ScoringLead scoring that works

80% of top-performing companies are more likely to use lead scoring technology.

Email MarketingPowerful email marketing

Generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost.

Improve Sales PerformanceImprove Sales Performance

Help your sales people sell more by automating repetitive tasks and analysing what works and what doesn’t in your sales process.

Mobile CRM access

Nurture your leads

Optimise your marketing funnel and take control of conversations with prospects, by automating key activities and monitoring progress.

Customer ServicesOffer First Class support

Retain your customers by improving the quality of your customer services and resolving issues quickly using case management and monitoring tools.

Customer CareFanatical Customer Care

Have the tools to accelerate, improve, and redefine your marketing approach.

Core Package Features

  • Lead nurturing (conditional logic)
  • Split and advanced A/B testing
  • Unlimited bulk emails
  • Landing pages
  • Dynamic content
  • Lead scoring (multiple scoring profiles)
  • Lead routing
  • Activity and score alerts
  • Email rendering and spam analysis
  • Standard and mobile email templates
  • Segmentation and list management
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Website visitor tracking
  • SEO keyword analysis and tracking
  • Web analytics dashboard
  • Multi-channel marketing report
  • Marketing calendar
  • Custom user permissions
  • URL shortener (Itty Bitty)
  • Event listener
  • Social sharing
  • Advanced reporting function
  • 2 sending domains
  • 10k contact pack
  • 18 x 5 Live support
  • Live training
  • Dedicated client success team
  • 24 x 7 support access portal
  • Learning management system

Performance Pack Features

  • Up to 5 domains
  • Event manager (GTM, GTW, and WebEx)
  • RSS feeds
  • Google adwords integration
  • Integrated event calendar
  • Advanced list segmentation

Salesfusion Social Analytics

Salesfusion’s mission is to help marketers attract new opportunities, convert them into customers and nurture them into lifetime relationships.

At a Glance

Email and Campaign Management

Lead to Revenue

Salesfusion Predictive Lead ScoringSalesfusion facilitates the process of ensuring accountability for marketing expenditure by tying leads generated by marketing campaigns directly into your CRM opportunity management system, making your ROI calculations simple and clear.

Salesfusion is built as a CRM system itself, allowing it to establish stronger and deeper connections with your marketing and sales data stored within your core CRM application. By synching marketing campaign data with lead and contact records in CRM, Salesfusion clarifies the relationship between marketing campaigns and sales opportunities in CRM.

Salesfusion provides a clear insight into opportunity forecast data through its bi-directional sync of information between sales lead, opportunity and campaign data. This link enables you to easily track the flow of leads as they move from first contact to the continuing stages of lead management and opportunity forecast in CRM.

Email Designer

Salesfusion Email DesignerSend enticing and creative email content with Salesfusion. Whether you choose from a library of over 750 fully-editable email templates or create and import your own, the process of creating emails is simple. And each email is tested against all browsers, clients and mobile devices to help ensure the delivery and presentation of your campaigns.

  • Free library of 750+ templates
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG editor
  • Import templates from outside design sources (Dreamweaver)
  • Import templates from third party design sites
  • Copy HTML from existing email templates
  • Copy HTML from your website/landing pages
  • View and validate email design in over 45 clients & devices
  • Professional design services are available to assist in building emails/landing pages

Drip Marketing

Salesfusion Drip CampaignsIncrease the conversion rates of your outbound email marketing campaigns with multi-step drip marketing campaigns. Featuring a visually-appealing designer that guides users through the key steps in creating an effective series of date-sensitive email messages. Target communications over a period of time, to contacts you have specifically identified as likely to respond to these messages.

  • Pre-build multi-step email communications
  • Set it and forget it workflow
  • Date sensitive
  • Send to lists, segments, groups and prior campaign responders/non-responders
  • Copy entire drip flows to new campaigns
  • Used for events, newsletters, regular date-sensitive communications
  • Reporting shows impact of all emails in sequence
  • Mix trigger/nurture-based auto-responders into flow

Nurture Marketing

Salesfusion Nurture MarketingDevelop highly personalised, highly targeted, multi-step email communications to deliver the right messages to the right people over the right time frame. Nurture email campaigns from Salesfusion allow you to build robust, multi-step communications designed to promote long-term interaction with your leads. Whether nurture campaigns start from a bulk email send or from a form completion, you will have the flexibility and control to build campaigns that get better results.

  • Pre-build multi-step email communications
  • Set it and forget it workflow
  • Trigger nurture flows from landing pages, lead score, email opens, web activity and more!
  • Multi-branching
  • Visual tree-based designer
  • Set email actions, CRM/Sales actions, dynamic content
  • Automatically remove from campaigns when leads qualify
  • Unlimited nurture flows
  • No coding required to build
  • Copy and re-use workflows

Campaign Management

Salesfusion Campaign ManagementBridge the gap between online and offline marketing campaigns with Salesfusion’s multi-channel marketing (MCM) campaign management solution. As a traditional campaign management software solution, MCM brings all of your online and offline channels into a single interface. Whether you are running direct mail, PPC campaigns, or events, the MCM solution facilitates the tracking of overall campaign performance while connecting campaign responders to sales opportunities in your CRM system. Advanced ROI tracking helps the marketing team determine which campaigns are producing revenue and the best results.

  • Parent campaign with child activities
  • Manage offline campaigns (print, mass media)
  • Manage online campaigns (PPC, ads, social, email)
  • Manage campaign spend
  • Link campaign respondents to opportunity stage in CRM
  • Advanced funnel reporting tracks ROI of all spend
  • Generate PURLs for direct mail
  • Generate QR codes
  • Planning and campaign management functions

Google AdWords Tracking

Salesfusion Google AdWords IntergrationSalesfusion’s multichannel marketing software enables you to create, track and manage your Google AdWords campaigns inside of the campaign management solution. The embedded integration between Salesfusion and Google facilitates ROI tracking of leads that originate from PPC ads. Using Google-optimised landing pages, in conjunction with our API integration to AdWords, you can capture and track your pay-per-click leads and match those leads against opportunities in your CRM system.

  • API integration with Google AdWords
  • Add Google campaigns by keyword and ad-group to your MCM
  • Track ROI on individual keyword groups and ad groups
  • Match pay-per-click leads to sales opportunities in CRM
    Optimise landing pages for Google
  • All key metrics from AdWords automatically pushed to campaign dashboard
  • Score pay-per-click leads
  • Auto-assign and route pay-per-click leads to sales

Today, Salesfusion supports a rapidly growing list of clients across many vertical market segments, operating in 21 countries. Over 400 companies and thousands of marketing and sales personnel use Salesfusion on a daily basis to drive new leads and revenue into their sales funnel.

Salesfusion Campaign Management

Lead Capture

Lead Capture

Converting from one method of lead capture on your website to another can seem to be a daunting task. Salesfusion helps make this transition simple. Instead of ripping out all your existing forms and conversion points to make way for new ones, Salesfusion allows you to capture leads from your existing web forms and process the leads using its advanced lead management toolset.

  • Leverage existing web forms for lead capture
  • Assign lead owners to web form leads
  • Add leads to pre-built trigger email campaigns
  • Map form field responses to CRM
  • Cookie leads
  • REST API-based allows for flexible lead processing
  • View analytics on website visitor tracking screens
  • Integrated to your CRM
  • Post form routing to specified URL or Salesfusion page

Lead Routing

Salesfusion Lead RoutingAutomatically route leads to the most appropriate sales person, and trigger alerts at the same time using Salesfusion’s lead routing functions. Get new leads into the right hands quickly and effectively and watch your conversion rates increase!

  • Route leads to sales automatically upon form completion
  • Route based on geographic territory
  • Route based on role
  • Route based on account ownership
  • Create a round-robin
  • Route to outside channel partners
  • Set email alerts to sales personnel upon completion
  • Pre-screen leads with lead analyser

Lead Scoring

Salesfusion Lead Scoring

Salesfusion helps you value the importance of each lead using LeadAnalyzer™, an enterprise-class solution based on simple lead generation concepts and best practices. LeadAnalyzer™ enables you to create one or many scoring models that continuously evaluate and re-evaluate lead behavior. Key data points such as campaign response, web activity, and demographics are “scored” with arbitrary point values that, when added up, enrol leads into scoring groups. In turn, these groups drive a series of interconnected actions such as lead assignment, nurture campaigns enrolment, or opportunity creation.

  • Build multiple lead scoring models at contact and account levels
  • Build ongoing and temporary scoring models
  • Score based on web activity, emails, campaigns, forms, social, and demographics
  • Create scoring groups that drive lead actions
  • Create leads, tasks, and opportunities from scores
  • Alert sales when leads score into a group
  • Degrade scores over time due to absence of activity
  • Customise scoring alerts using scoring templates
  • Out of box best practice scoring model
  • Scoring pre-integrated to your CRM


Salesfusion_SurveysBuild multi-format, multi-questions surveys in Salesfusion using the inbuilt survey designer. From client satisfaction to prospect profiling to post event surveys, whatever you need to measure can be handled with ease. Deploy surveys in minutes and embed them on your website or as call-to-actions in email campaigns, and map responses automatically back in to your CRM system. Build intelligent and useful surveys without the need to know HTML or CSS, and without sacrificing advanced survey features.

  • Wizard enables building a survey in minutes
  • Multiple question types include: check box, list, sliders, ratings and more
  • Automatically map responses to CRM
  • Automatically enroll respondents into trigger campaigns
  • Advanced analytics on response trends
  • Templates for survey style & design
  • Deploy on your site or as part of a campaign (email)
  • Set alerts based on responses


Salesfusion Landing PagesCreate compelling, multi-page microsites for your marketing campaigns using Salesfusion’s landing page tools. Flexible yet easy to use, the landing page tools can help you enable highly customised response pages, advanced workflow and lead routing capabilities.

  • Multi-page logic and conditional “next page” capabilities
  • Add menus to landing pages
  • Template-based
  • Full custom editor capabilities (supports CSS & HTML5)
  • Add multiple forms to a single microsite
  • Add video, documents, flash to pages
  • Add Google tagging scripts to pages
  • Track visitor flow from pages to microsites
  • Fully editable templates
  • Pre-built reports

Analytics and Tracking

Website Tracking

Salesfusion Website Analytics and TrackingWebForensics is an analytics and website visitor tracking system that is part of the Salesfusion marketing automation platform. WebForensics provides valuable information regarding companies and individual visitors who have hit your site. The WebForensics data enables you to drive critical marketing processes such as lead scoring, sales lead alerts, and nurture marketing campaigns.

  • Capture known, anonymous, and corporate visitors
  • Set alerts to notify the sales team when high-value leads access your site
  • View web activity inside of your CRM system
  • View how visitors came to your site and what they did while on the site
  • Daily and weekly reports shows visitor trends
  • Interactive map shows geographic concentrations of web visitors
  • Website activity data is scored and ranked by lead analyser
  • View all web activity detail by lead and contact inside of CRM
  • Route leads to sales based on web activity
  • Route leads to nurture marketing campaigns based on page views
  • Compliments existing web analytics tools (Google)
  • Supports applicable EU Cookie Laws

Website Analytics

Salesfusion Web ActivitySalesfusion provides a host of advanced web analytics designed to provide a deeper level of insight into website visitors, behaviour and performance. Web analytics reports in Salesfusion will help your marketing team fine tune your web marketing efforts with reports that show keywords, top pages, visitor flows and more. From high-level dashboards to automated reports distributed to key team members via email, Salesfusion’s analytics solution will improve your online marketing efforts and web presence.

  • 30+ pre-built standard reports
  • Keyword analysis and tracking
  • Website performance dashboards
  • Report distribution in email
  • Customised dashboard reporting
  • 100% Ad-hoc report writing capabilities
  • Keyword cloud analysis
  • Track multiple sites

YouTube Dashboard

salesfusion_YouTube_dashboardSalesfusion has added a unique integration to YouTube. All videos hosted by YouTube are accessible from within the Salesfusion platform. This includes all metrics and the ability to launch and share videos right from within the marketing automation application. Salesfusion’s YouTube integration will help your marketing team, more effectively leverage this invaluable marketing tool.

  • View all active YouTube videos inside of Salesfusion Dashboard
  • Share videos with YouTube tools or Salesfusion short-URL & social publishing tools
  • Apply squeeze pages to your video for improved tracking
  • Filter video metrics by a variety of date criteria
  • Track all traffic sources into your videos
  • Embed your videos into Salesfusion Landing Pages to create custom video microsites

Salesfusion is the only marketing automation software solution that is built on a CRM database. It can integrate at a deeper level to customers’ installed CRM systems. Today, Salesfusion boasts more out of the box integrations to CRM systems than any other competitor in its space.

CRM Integration

Event Management and Social Marketing

Event Management

Salesfusion Event Management DashboardSalesfusion provides an event management automation platform that facilitates the creation, management, and tracking of all of your marketing events. Because it is part of an overall marketing automation platform, tracking to an event ROI (leads captured at events, through opportunity, to closure and revenue) is easy!

  • You are able to create both online and offline events
  • You can integrate with the leading virtual webinar platforms
  • You can create automated event nurture campaigns
  • You can create easy and seamless event registrations
  • You can create multi-session events
  • You can create pre/post-event surveys
  • You can easily plan for seat counts
  • You will have advanced analytics for tracking and ROI analysis
  • Promote your event in social networks

Webinar Campaigns

Core Package

Salesfusion Webinar CampaignsSalesfusion makes creating, managing and tracking webinars campaigns inside of the marketing platform a snap with our webinar event solution, FusionCast™.

  • Pre-integrated to GoToWebinar and Webex
  • Create the entire webinar from start to finish in Salesfusion
  • Use Salesfusion email platform for confirmation, reminder, follow up emails
  • Use Salesfusion landing pages for registration forms
  • Eliminate limitations of branding with webinar platform emails/landing pages
  • All registration & attendee data is automatically captured in Salesfusion
  • Pre and post-event attendee data is pushed to CRM
  • Pre-built nurture campaigns
  • Host post-webinar videos

Social Marketing

Salesfusion Social MarketingSalesfusion is on the cutting edge of social marketing solutions for B2B companies. We provide a suite of valuable and easy-to-master tools for social marketing that will help you monetise your social efforts from start to finish. Whether are you an advanced social marketing professional or just getting started in social, we have solutions to meet your needs.

  • Social publishing – push and track content into social networks
  • Social sharing – add widgets to your digital content
  • Social analytics – see from which sites people are clicking your content
  • Social profiles – capture and append social profile data
  • Advocate marketing – see who your strongest advocates are by what they post and share
  • Track which content you post in social networks is most popular
  • Post form routing to specified URL or Salesfusion page

CRM Integration

Microsoft Dynamics

Salesfusion is a marketing automation platform, pre-integrated to Dynamics CRM and offers all key functionality that today’s smart marketers demand , such as: nurture email marketing, lead capture, lead scoring, social marketing, event management and more.

  • 100% pre-built integration – no middleware
  • 100% native entities for email, landing pages, event management, website tracking and more
  • Installs in minutes, fully supported
  • Email marketing, nurture campaigns, lead capture, lead scoring, event management and social marketing
  • No workflow required by marketing users
  • Unlimited emails per month
  • Unlimited users

Sage CRM

Salesfusion’s Sage CRM integration includes the full range of marketing automation technologies from email marketing through advanced lead scoring and management. As a Gold Sage partner, Salesfusion has dedicated resources to develop deep integration to all versions of Sage CRM.

  • 100% pre-built integration – no middleware
  • Launch email campaigns from inside of Sage CRM
  • Track all website visits by leads and contacts in Sage CRM
  • Score & route leads to Sage CRM users
  • Lead capture & landing pages – push to Sage CRM
  • View all marketing history in a single dashboard inside of Sage CRM
  • Mature, pre-built, fully supported integration by Salesfusion


The Salesfusion platform integrates natively with and provides a suite of b2b marketing tools such as lead scoring, email marketing, nurture marketing, lead capture, social publishing and more. Very cost-effective and installed and configured in minutes, Salesfusion will add significant power to your lead generation efforts.

  • Powerful yet cost effective – email marketing, landing pages, social , event marketing and more
  • Use 100% of application inside of CRM
  • Advanced lead management processes baked into integration
  • View all marketing response activity in the lead and contact records
  • Send email campaigns through the campaigns
  • Build advanced lead management processes
  • Nurture leads from capture through to opportunity stage
  • Display hot leads in native lead views
  • Capture leads data from forms and surveys

Sugar CRM

Integrated with both community and professional editions of Sugar CRM, Salesfusion will improve your marketing capabilities while aligning your lead and demand generation efforts with your sales team through our embedded integration with Sugar CRM.

  • 100% pre-built integration – no middleware
  • Integration with CRM is a supported product
  • CRM tables are matched at the lead, contact, account, opportunity, task and campaign levels
  • Unique auto-discovery process maps your CRM system dynamically to Salesfusion to keep both apps in synch
  • Advanced workflow for lead management is managed in the marketing system in simple drag & drop formats…no need for marketing to learn CRM workflow
  • Send email campaigns from within Sugar CRM
  • View live website activity inside of Sugar CRM

Infor (formerly Saleslogix)

Salesfusion integrates with Infor and provides the industry’s only marketing automation platform that is fully embedded in Infor out of the box. From tracking leads at the point of capture through tracking lead behavior inside of Infor, Salesfusion adds tremendous value and the ability to manage leads and revenue from your marketing channels. Whether you are using a premise-based version or the online version of Infor, Salesfusion will dramatically improve your Infor installation with our ability to capture, track and manage leads through the entire funnel. Salesfusion is the vendor of choice in marketing automation for Infor.

  • 100% pre-built integration – no middleware
  • All marketing data from campaigns is synched with lead and contact records
  • Create and launch email campaigns from inside Infor
  • View web activity by lead, contact and account inside Infor
  • View forms, survey and landing page responses
  • View real-time performance of your website
  • Create advanced workflows for lead management and lead scoring
  • Send email campaigns to Infor dynamic groups
  • Fully integrated to LAN & Web versions

CRM Connector API

Salesfusion provides a robust Web Services API designed to help you connect your marketing automation system and lead generation processes to a variety of custom applications and off-the shelf solutions.

  • Pre-built API calls for common integration points
  • Variety of protocols to choose from – REST API, SOAP, Web Services
  • Integrate with legacy CRM apps
  • Integrate with contact management systems
  • Integrate with commerce apps
  • Integrate with CMS and other SaaS web applications
  • Complete training & service offering to support integration efforts