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What are calculated user-defined fields in Maximizer?

Users of Maximizer CRM will be familiar with user-defined fields (UDFs). Fields that can be configured to describe Companies, Contacts, Opportunities or Customer Service cases. Fields that build your unique insight and processes into your CRM system. For many, these are the bits of data that hold

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Being clever with your hotlist – and your work day

We all have numerous tasks to deal with on a daily basis, and they can range from taking certain follow-up steps with prospects to responding to customer queries, to ordering equipment from your suppliers, or completing internal tasks. Thankfully, the hotlist task functionality in Maximizer CRM helps us remember what

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Mobile CRM: How to dictate notes into a contact record

Yesterday I published a blog on our CRM Insights blog stream about CRM: The Importance of Customer Relationship Mobility. Did you know, for example, that the proportion of internet traffic that is viewed on mobile devices grew from 1% in 2009 to 13% in 2013, to 66% in 2016? Other interesting

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How search catalogues save you time and effort

Working in Maximizer, or any CRM database for that matter, will require you to search for information. Sometimes a search is simple and straightforward – for example, if you’re just looking for a particular company or contact. Other times, however, you’ll need to conduct more complex searches

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Viewing what’s important to you: How to customise “My Work Day”

How do you begin your work day? Do you start by looking at your calendar to see what appointments you’ve got, or do you look at your hotlist tasks to see what requires urgent attention? Or do you look at your dashboards to get an overview of stats

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How to create default entries in Maximizer

Creating default entries in your Maximizer CRM system can save you a lot of time and effort when dealing with data and repetitive tasks. So, rather than inputting the same information every time you create a new contact, opportunity or customer service, for example, you can set up your Maximizer system

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How to create a Quick Access button for a favourite list

Quick Access buttons are great if you regularly need to retrieve a set of data from your Maximizer CRM system as they save you a lot of time and effort in the process. Last week I showed you how to create a Quick Access button for saved

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How to create Quick Access buttons for saved searches

Running searches in Maximizer is a great way of finding the exact information you need from your database. These can range from straighforward searches (e.g. searching for a specific Company) to searches with multi-layered criteria (e.g. Companies who are Active Customers, located in London, whose Account Manager is Mr Jones).

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How to change your password in Maximizer

If you haven’t changed your password since you were given your Maximizer login details, then you could be at risk of someone else logging into your account. For security reasons, it is therefore recommended that you change your password from the default password that was given to you as soon as

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Video: How to configure Outlook with Maximizer CRM

Many of us spend a lot of time communicating with customers, prospects and suppliers via email – and Outlook is certainly a very popular email tool to use. Therefore, the ability to integrate Outlook with Maximizer CRM is handy as it allows you to send and save emails directly to

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