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posted by Steve Robertson on October 7, 2011
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Sage SalesLogix Version 7.5 SP4 Web Update 02 Released

Sage has released Web Update 02 for Sage SalesLogix Version 7.5 Service Pack 4.


Sage SalesLogix Version 7.5 Service Pack 4 Web Update 02

Prior to installing this update, ensure you have applied all of the following update packages in the order listed:

7.5.4 Web Update 01

Apply the update to all computers where Application Architect and the Web Host have been installed.

Install the SalesLogix v7.5.4 Web Update 02.sxb bundle using the Sage SalesLogix Administrator.
Install the Sage SalesLogix v754 Web Update02 VFS using the Sage SalesLogix Application Architect.

If you are using Accounting Integration, apply the update to all computers that have the Sage SalesLogix OLE DB Provider, Admin Tools and Servers, Web Host, Web Reporting, Disconnected Web Client, and/or Remote Office installed.


Note Before installing the bundle, review the files included in the update. Back up any customized files that may be affected, or back up the whole project if there are many files. Then apply the update bundle in one of the following ways:

• Manually merge the update items with the customized items.

• Apply the bundle (overwriting all existing items), and then manually merge the customized items.


Sage SalesLogix Version 7.5 Service Pack 4 Web Update 02 resolves the following issues:


Sage SalesLogix Web Client issues resolved:

1-81839 “ORA-01795: maximum number of expression in a list is 1000” error displays when opening the Account List view in the Web Client.

1-81944 Merged Accounts have the source and merged account Primary and Shipping Addresses set to TRUE. Source Addresses should be false.

1-81961 Remove logic to check for the Web Host license when logging into the Sage SalesLogix Web Client.

1-82030 Customers cannot log into the Customer Portal after 7.5.4 Web Update 01 has been applied.


Accounting Integration issues resolved:

1-80541 Create e-mail and phone shadow records for all cases where these records may not exist.

1-80845 500 error when attempting the Check Price function against a specific tradingAccount.

1-80921 Sage 1000 should be able to receive quotes without a pricelist payload.

1-81029 The Default Pricelist (DEF) needs to be removed from the list of available priceLists.

1-81032 Contacts should to be removed from the sync-able resources coming from Sage 1000.

1-81333 “Nullable object must have a value” error appears continuously in the Sync Results log after sending a delete request.

1-81560 Updates to the Account phone in Sage SalesLogix are not correctly applied to Sage 1000 and an error appears in the Sync Results.

1-81665 Pricing service response does not contain netTotal and grandTotal in the documentLines.

1-81722 “Please specify a valid endpoint before continuing” error appears when trying to access any resource via the Edit button in the AdministrationIntegration SetupMatching function.

1-81733 Changing UOM in edit view does not update pricing info to reflect the default price from the price list.

1-81752 The ICLegacyPhoneEmailUpdater.exe file is not installed with Sage SalesLogix v754 Web Update 01.

1-81760 An Object Reference error appears when performing a schema difference check against the Price Lists, Sales Quotation Lines, and Sales Order Lines resources.

1-81770 Unlinked accounts are being re-inserted into Sage SalesLogix causing two records of the same name to exist.

1-81789 “Source accounts contain submitted sales orders. Accounts cannot be merged.” error displays when attempting to merge two accounts even when there are no associated sales orders.

1-81801 SalesOrder Lines are not deleted in Sage SalesLogix when synced from ERP.

1-81817 A 2nd product is added to a SO or Opportunity in certain circumstances.

1-81822 Disable the Opportunity User option to assign default products.

1-81836 Manual syncing of the sync engine service causes the schema difference functionality to fail with a message: Object reference is not set to an instance of an object.

1-81841 tradingAccounts synced with email types other than “Business” fail.

1-81842 tradingAccounts deletes from Sage 1000 are not being transacted correctly. The Account in Sage SalesLogix is not removed and the Status is changed to say Deleted By Accounting.

1-81854 Pricing Service response does not include “netTotal” for the computePriceResponse.

1-81879 Updates to SalesOrder Lines from Sage 1000 are also being synced back to Sage 1000 unexpectedly.

1-81881 The Delete option is available for SalesOrders that were synced from the Sage 1000 system.

1-81891 Deletions of tradingAccounts from Sage 1000 are not being transacted in Sage SalesLogix.

11082111 The RTDV data is not changing when moving thru a list of accounts when using the Move Next option.

11082132 Schema differences are not as expected.

11082164 Error when attempting to access an account that was created and linked in SLX.

11082261 It should be possible to check price on a sales order or quote where the account is not promoted.

11082276 Discount on quote is not being calculated properly on header.

11082307 Two instances of the sync jobs are started when using the Sync All function found in the Accounting Integration dialog.

Supported customers requiring help and support applying these updates, please contact the Collier Pickard CRM support team on +44 (0)1959 560415.

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