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Infor Next in London – get the latest updates on Infor’s products and technology

Infor Next is an event hosted by Infor that covers all the latest updates on Infor’s product and technology strategy, as well as strategic announcements. Held in London on 30th November 2017, it is a key event for Manufacturing & Distribution customers!

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Infor CRM 8.3 updates and fixes

Web Model Update 09, SNC Update 09 and Web Core Update 09 have been released for Infor CRM 8.3!

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How to create dashboards in Infor CRM

The dashboard is a highly customisable page that allows you to display and interact with a variety of analytical and performance data. You can customise your dashboard by using widgets to gain insight into organisational and individual performance levels; this data can be visualised in a various

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How to get the most out of your technical support team

If you’re an Infor CRM client of ours then there is a good chance you know Luke Murphy, the magician who fixes all your technical problems at the drop of an email. This the helpdesk and we’re here to fix any issues you have with Infor CRM…

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How to use Infor CRM for contract management

Contracts can come with several complexities in today’s world, especially when you take into account factors such as renewals and other complications such as discounts. These layers of complexity mean that it can be difficult to manage your customers’ contracts properly unless you’ve got a system that

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How to achieve accurate sales forecasting and management

A sales person will often rely on experience and gut feel to estimate the probability of closing a sales deal. Whilst personal knowledge and hands-on experience certainly goes a long way, this doesn’t necessarily always work. So we have developed a question-and-answer style grid to help achieve

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How to use Quotes and Sales Orders in Infor CRM

Sales processes can sometimes be long and complicated, depending on what products and services are involved. A good CRM system will help streamline the process, linking initial quotes and sales orders with opportunities to provide a clear picture of what, when and who is involved from initial

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Video: What are Opportunities in Infor CRM?

One of the pillars in any CRM system is sales management. In Infor CRM, and indeed in most other CRM systems, your potential sales converting to accounts and contacts are called opportunities. Opportunity management allows you to store and report on information that you’ve collected on each

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How to apply updates to your Infor CRM system

It might sound like a simple question, but what is an update? An update can contain: Updates to existing functionality e.g. resolving issues The inclusion of new functionality. Updates are NOT an increase in version number i.e. an upgrade An Infor CRM update usually consists of SNC,

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Ticket User Options – How to Customise Ticket Interactions in Infor CRM

I’ve been covering a series of blogs about efficient ticket management. In this blog, we will look at how user options can be set to tweak user/customer interactions with Tickets in Infor CRM. This is particularly useful for users who need to manage ticket interactions – what’s more, it

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