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CRM & CX – what’s the difference?

Here are two pieces of information from Gartner: CRM is one of the top ten search-terms on its website Customer experience (CX) has the second highest technology investment priority amongst CEOs. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon that organisations have several ongoing CRM and CX management projects in different

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The changing face of Customer Experience

Can you remember a time when buying music involved a trip into town? Saturday morning and a visit to Woolworths to pick up the latest single, or album. Perhaps you even recall the joy of the album cover. Hours spent pouring over the artwork and lyrics. Today,

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The biggest CRM migration mistakes that companies make

This week’s blog comes from our guest blogger from InaPlex, who will talk about some of the problems with CRM migrations, and reveal the biggest mistake that companies can make when they move to a new CRM system. Inaplex provides powerful CRM integration and migration tools which Collier

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The marketing budget dilemma – how to spend it?

I remember the boom days of the ‘90s. Need more business? Then just spend more on advertising. Easy. There was a direct relationship between the two and (it seemed to me at the time) that whenever I asked for a bigger marketing budget, the answer was “yes, here

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CRM in 2017: Thoughts from a business owner

2016 saw many changes on the political and economic arenas, but in the world of business software, the changes were less seismic and more gradual. As a business owner and managing director of a small company, I am always keen to follow changes in each of these areas, as it inevitably

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How to be disciplined about data quality

Start as you mean to go on. From the moment you start using your CRM system it is essential that you keep your CRM data clean, relevant and up to date. The quality of your data is paramount as inaccurate data will lead to frustrated users, poor user-adoption, mistakes being made and ultimately, a

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CRM 2017 predictions

If 2016 is the year you would rather forget, then here comes 2017! Whilst the world attempts to come to terms with seismic political change, we are going to focus on how you Acquire, Retain and Develop profitable customer relationships. Like the “Chestnuts roasting on an open

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CRM 2016 – Back to the future

As if 2016 hadn’t been shocking enough, now it’s time to start thinking about 2017. For anyone involved in crystal ball gazing, 2016 delivered more than its fair share of surprises. How many of you correctly predicted the big news stories that burst around us? In the

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What is CX?

The term CX is being used increasingly in marketing, sales and technology circles. There is a general view that it means Customer Experience … but if you have a B2C business, then you would feel more comfortable with Consumer Experience. Either way, CX is now the umbrella

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The horrors of CRM – not just during Halloween

This time last year I wrote a blog about The Halloween Horrors of CRM and covered a few ghastly ghouls in the CRM world, such as  CRM zombies – the living dead. Systems and processes that have died a slow death but are still used by people simply

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