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CRM for Inbound Selling

The traditional benefit of a CRM system is still predominantly thought to be the outbound sales management functionality, but with the increasing prowess of marketing automation systems and, particularly their expanding integration into CRM platforms, how do the odds stack up for inbound rather than outbound sales

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Is it really worth getting CRM for a small business?

Everyone, it seems, is talking about CRM for small businesses. With many of the larger CRM vendors trying to push their offer to smaller and smaller companies, can you afford NOT to have a CRM system? Spoiler alert! It almost definitely is worth getting a CRM system

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Why it makes strategic sense to unify Event Management and CRM

I wrote about a tool we developed for managing events in CRM a little while ago, and whilst this enhancement was specific to a single platform, I think it’s important to understand why it’s crucial to have a unified Event Management and CRM system from a strategic standpoint. CRM

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Visualising the bigger picture when selecting CRM software

There seems to be no shortage of “experts”, who, for a fee, will tell you what CRM software you should buy. Strangely, some of them are also able to sell you the very software they recommend! If you don’t want to be sold software but do need to

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Monitoring sales team performance with CRM

What sort of questions should you be asking from your CRM system to extract valuable sales performance insights? This will depend on your industry and business model, but here are some pointers to get you thinking: Which customers do you spend the most time and effort on? Effort could be

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Video: What is CRM as a Service?

The term “CRM as a Service” has been used recently, and it always seems to be people talking about technology. They’re talking about software and platforms in the cloud that house the technology. So CRM as a Service, really, means Software as a Service. We’ve been working

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CRM is for life, not just for Christmas!

CRM is for life… Not just for Christmas With the end of the year fast approaching, you’d be forgiven for thinking that companies are beginning to wind down. This is certainly not the case with many of the financial services clients I manage. In the run-up to

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Do’s and don’ts when managing sales opportunities with CRM

If your business development team doesn’t have a data driven culture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when reviewing your team’s sales opportunities in CRM. For example, you might think – why are there open opportunities which are expected to close in the past?! Why are there 3 copies of the

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SAGE cloud solution to retire soon – what options are available?

Recently, Sage announced the retirement of Sage, which will take effect as of 31 August 2019. If you are an existing user of Sage solution, you will no longer be able to access the system. So what options do you have moving forward? Collier Pickard can provide you

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The importance of user feedback for CRM projects

Over the years we’ve talked about how CRM isn’t a destination, it’s a journey – that should grow and develop over time as your company adjusts to internal and external changes. What makes this journey fruitful will depend largely on how your CRM users are actually using

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