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We believe in making the field of Customer Relationship Management as transparent and freely accessible as possible. To that end, and to help you get the best results from your CRM implementation we regularly publish short, educational content covering a wide range of subjects surrounding Customer Relationship Management.

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Short introductory guides to a range of core CRM topics.

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Our strategy is to drive shareholder value through sales growth and excellence in customer service throughout our business. Partnering with Collier Pickard has helped us to identify key technologies and business processes that support that strategy.

Ian Fraser, CEO

Brammer CRM System
Business Owners Guide to CRM

Many organisations turn to CRM for one of two primary reasons:

  • They’re in growth mode and need to maintain the upward trajectory
  • They’re in trouble and need to retain control and turn things around.

Either way, the emphasis is on control.

Get all the information you need on selecting CRM as a business owner.

Read The Business Owner's Guide to Selecting CRM

As a medical charity, we run a complex operation for research grants and funds allocation. Collier Pickard has grasped these complexities and provides us with guidance, software tools, web integration and support services to exactly meet our needs. The partnership between our organisations is very beneficial.

Peter Bradbury, Chief Financial Officer

Arthritis Research UK CRM

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