posted by Dougie Collier on November 12, 2021

CRM is a Given – Low-Code is how you stand out Title ImageIf you’re reading this blog, you probably know a little bit about CRM and how it can help your business. CRM has been around for decades now and has grown and evolved over the years, from the Rolodex to spreadsheets to entire tech stacks that have everything from accounting, marketing, and sales software all in one.

What’s the next step? Low-Code/No-Code.


There are plenty of CRM tools out there that cover the fundamentals – contact storage, relationship management, shared calendar, and analytics – but what if you need more? This is where Creatio comes in. They’ve covered the basics and now they’re building on that with Low-Code/No-Code.

I’ve already written an overview of low-code/no-code which you can find here (Channelling the Power of Low-Code/No-Code), in this article, we’ll be talking about how it can help your business stand out from the competition while decreasing costs and increasing efficiency.


Creatio’s intuitive, easy-to-use low-code development tools allow your business to grow in-house teams of citizen developers, increase and accelerate adoption of technology-driven innovations, speed up app development and process automation, and nurture a culture of continuous improvement.

Using Creatio, business users can define workflows and build processes for tasks of any complexity to automate operations across the entire company.

Citizen Developers

Citizen developers allow a company to minimize the workload of the IT team, or, if you’re a small business, it will put the power of an IT team at your fingertips.

With Creatio’s low-code platform, business ideas can be automated in minutes without coding. From customer-facing applications to integrations with third-party solutions — users can create multiple types of business applications, including customer engagement apps, operational efficiency optimization apps, UI, data model and business logic, AI-based solutions, and more.

By using low-code or no-code tools, your business will become more agile. You can make updates to apps as needed in a matter of minutes or hours. Less coding means quicker implementation and less IT time spent on app-building efforts and bugs.

As IT demands increase, more and more staff are looking for solutions that will let them make needed changes faster and fulfil requests with fewer bugs – low-code app development is the solution.

Low-Code/No-Code Decreases Costs

Being able to build apps in-house means that your IT team can focus their time on making you money. Creatio allows you to decrease IT costs, expand IT functionality and allows you to better allocate your resources. In addition, low-code tools will help make your entire business more productive, so you’ll make savings all round.

Low-Code/No-Code Increases Productivity

So, you’ve saved time and money thanks to Low-Code/No-Code, so what will you do with it? Now you and your team can focus on the important things like making the business money.

Now that anyone in the business can easily develop processes, these processes can be standardised across the company, allowing everyone to help each other become more efficient. A PA could develop a process or app to help them better manage a director’s schedule, your marketing team can build a process to better manage leads and lead nurturing, your directors can automate business reports which would free up their time from admin.

The opportunities are pretty much endless.

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