Infor CRM Enhancements

CRM and CX are constantly evolving. It’s not just about contact management anymore. We recognise this and understand that your organisation may need more than just a stand-alone CRM system.

Our experience doesn’t end with CRM software and best practice advice. We have years of experience in all areas of CX – which surround CRM– from marketing automation to workflow tools, analytics and business intelligence, to accounting. We even have purpose-built enhancement-tools, designed to make your business more efficient and effective.

Independent CRM Consultancy

Marketing automation

Find the right marketing automation tools to help you attract more opportunities, convert leads into customers, and develop ongoing relationships.

CRM Strategy

Analytics & business intelligence

Analytics and BI tools will show you what you need to know and unearth pertinent information to help you reach your top level goals for customer engagement and business growth.

Whilst these links make it easier for you to deliver your whole CX philosophy using technology – there are some things that can be added to your core CRM system which make it easier for people to use on a day-to-day basis.

From 20 years of working with Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) we have developed a range of simple enhancements (plug-ins) which just make it easier!

Overview of enhancement tools for Infor CRM

Your business is unique, so sometimes a little enhancement to the core product can help you with your tasks. Take a look at this overview of some of our enhancement tools, specially geared for Infor CRM.

Bid Grid for Infor CRM 

This enhancement tool helps you achieve consistent and accurate forecasting through an automated assessment of your sales opportunity status. Read the datasheet for more information.

Event Management for Infor CRM

This enhancement tool is a seamless extension to the Infor CRM core capability. Manage any type of event from start to finish, all from within your CRM system. Read the datasheet for more information.

Value Grid for Infor CRM

helps you evaluate the value of customers. By profiling customer relationships, you can target specific areas and boost long term customer satisfaction, retention rates and revenue growth. Read the datasheet for more information.

Data Validation for Infor CRM

Maintaining clean data is one of the most important foundations in any CRM system. Read the datasheet for more information on how to achieve data integrity with this enhancement tool.

Customer Satisfaction for Infor CRM

Our Customer Satisfaction enhancement tool for Infor CRM helps you meet and exceed customer expectations by keeping your finger on the pulse. Read the datasheet for more information.

Referrals for Infor CRM

This tracks the flow of referrals, both in and out of your firm, allowing you to focus and nurture valuable relationships that bring more business. Read the datasheet for more information.

Anti-Money Laundering for Infor CRM

Compliance with money laundering obligations is a challenge for businesses that handles funds as an intermediary or holds client funds on account. So maybe your CRM system is a good place to make life a little easier? Read our datasheet for more information.

Need help with choosing the right enhancements?

Then get in touch with us today and we’ll find the right Infor CRM enhancement tools that you need to increase your efficiency and reduce costs.