Independent CRM Consultants

Collier Pickard offers a range of independent CRM consultancy sessions and workshops designed to help you get the most from CRM at any stage of your project. Whether it’s selecting CRM software, preparing for a CRM implementation, tuning-up your existing CRM or considering a change, we will help make the process easier for you.

Learn the skills you need and build a culture of CRM in your organisation with help from our team of independent CRM consultants.

Let Us Help You

Successful partnerships rely on trust and understanding. Give Collier Pickard an hour to gain that understanding and build that trust.

Preparing for CRM

Lay the foundations for a successful CRM system with expert guidance from our team of independent CRM consultants.

CRM Software Selection

Cut through the confusion surrounding CRM. Identify the features you need and find the CRM system to match.

Managing Through CRM

Help your management team understand the purpose and benefits of CRM, investing them more heavily in the project.

CRM Strategy

Build a complex but flexible plan for CRM in your organisation. Understand your CRM Strategy, Tactics, Execution and Platform.

Our CRM consultancy services have been specially prepared to help organisations of any size approach a CRM project of any level. From CRM for SMEs to global deployments, our team of independent CRM consultants will empower your organisation to make the most of CRM, at a cost suited to your budget.

Not sure you’re ready for CRM Consultancy just yet? No problem. We produce a range of CRM resources designed to help you at every stage of your journey, including The CRM Strategy eBook shown below:

CRM Strategy eBook

Your CRM Strategy provides the context within which you acquire new customers, develop strong relationships and retain customers over long periods of time.

Without a CRM Strategy you risk losing customers, money and ultimately your entire business.

Not ready to dive into CRM consultancy yet? Understand the key steps you must make when formulating a CRM strategy with The CRM Strategy eBook.

Read The CRM Strategy eBook Now

Our strategy is to drive shareholder value through sales growth and excellence in customer service throughout our business. Partnering with Collier Pickard has helped us to identify key technologies and business processes that support that strategy.

Ian Fraser, CEO

Brammer CRM System

Not sure which consultation package is right for you?

Sometimes you just need a quick point in the right direction, or a little bit of advice to help progress through your journey, rather than a full CRM consultancy package. We’re here to help!

Contact us today and one of our CRM experts will get your project moving again.