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CRM for Small and Medium Businesses

CRM for Small and Medium Businesses

“I need a CRM system for my small/medium business that’s feature rich and cost effective!”

CRM for Enterprise Businesses

CRM for Enterprise

“I need a scalable CRM system for my organisation that’s secure and accessible.”

Professional Services CRM

CRM for Professional Services Firms

“I need a CRM system for my professional services firm that understands the way we work!”

Business Intelligence & CRM


“I need a business intelligence tool that will help me to understand my business’ data!”

Need CRM advice you can count on? Look no further!

Whether you need a CRM system installed quickly or advise on a larger project, we're here to help. From independent advice on selecting the right CRM system for your organisation, to strategic analysis of your business and the role CRM will play within it, our team of CRM experts will help you make the right decisions about Customer Relationship Management.

Why choose us?

  • We'll talk about your business, not confuse you with jargon
  • You'll have access to our 350+ man years of experience in CRM
  • You'll get the right CRM platform for your business
  • We'll help you use CRM to grow you business
  • We'll help you achieve ROI
  • We'll work with you to develop your system to meet new demands
  • You'll have peace of mind that you system is in safe hands with top quality support
Whatever stage of your CRM project you find yourself, our friendly team of CRM professionals will help you achieve results from CRM, with independent advice tailored exactly to meet your unique business needs.

Independent CRM Advice

All the information you need to make the right choice about CRM

Discover all the information you need to fully understand the ins and outs of customer relationship management with our range of free, educational resources. From articles to eBooks to videos, our team of CRM experts are constantly working to produce new material to help you make the most out of CRM. Can't find the answers you're after? No problem! Just ask us a question! We'll respond quickly with an answer and work on publishing a new resource to expand on the issue.


CRM Articles


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Access our complete range of CRM articles, eBooks and videos in our CRM Resource Centre.

The latest articles from our CRM Insights blog

  • Giving up Control of your Business
    Giving up Control of your Business
    16/09/2014 by
    Giving up Control of your Business If CRM can be used to allow business owners to control the growth of their business how can it also help you in “letting go of the reins” or giving up control of your business? These two statements may appear...
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  • Control Business Growth with CRM
    Control Business Growth with CRM
    08/09/2014 by
    Control Business Growth with CRM With so many CRM vendors competing to supply a CRM system to your business, how do you decide which one is right for you? For owner managed businesses I believe that the answer lies in being honest about what you...
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  • CRM: Improving Sales Performance
    CRM: Improving Sales Performance
    01/09/2014 by
    CRM: Improving Sales Performance If you’re reading this then it’s probably safe to assume that you have a sales team. How is it performing? Are all your sales people on target? Everyone got a full pipeline? The sad fact is that on average only 60% of...
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News from Collier Pickard and the CRM World

  • Cenkos Securities Implement Infor CRM
    Cenkos Securities, an independent specialist securities firm, has selected Collier Pickard as their CRM implementation partner. After an initial period of CRM consultancy, covering the process of preparing the firm for a new CRM initiative, Cenkos has selected Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) as their platform...
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  • Collier Pickard Merges with Avrion
    8th October 2014, Sundridge, Kent and Hertford, Hertfordshire Collier Pickard and Avrion today announced the completion of the merger between the two companies. The merger positions the combined company as a leader in CRM solutions within the UK, offering a broad range of services from...
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  • Infor Finalises Acquisition of Saleslogix
    Infor Finalises Acquisition of Saleslogix Infor, a leading provider of business application software and cloud services serving more than 73,000 customers, today announced that it has completed its purchase the assets of Saleslogix, a leading provider of SaaS customer relationship management (CRM) software. Saleslogix’ CRM...
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We'll cover:

  • Selecting CRM software
  • Getting staff to use CRM
  • Dealing with bad data
  • Migrating between systems
  • Adapting to changes in your business
  • Integrating CRM with front and back-office systems
  • And anything else you'd like our help with!
Camper Nicholson MarinasThe team at Collier Pickard did a great job in tailoring the CRM implementation to our unusual and complex business model, and integrating it both with our website and with the on-site systems at our facilities in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Sean Purdy, International Marketing Manager, Camper & Nicholson Marinas  

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Collier Pickard is an owner managed business which has been trading since 2004. The core team has however been together for more than 20 years – which means we have a great deal of experience as an independent CRM consultancy.

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