posted by Matthew Head on April 4, 2022
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Maximizer CRM and Survey MechanicsWelcome to round two in this two-part series discussing CRM systems and Survey tools. 

In my previous article, I asked the question: Why integrate a Survey Tool with your CRM, it is a great question, one I answered expertly in that article, give it a quick read if you have not already. Towards the end of the article, I mentioned a CRM Vendor that we have been working with for 18 years and a Survey Tool that is now fully integrated with the platform – Maximizer and Survey Mechanics.  

Maximizer is one of the best-kept secrets in CRM at the moment, it is rich in functionality and includes, among others, core modules like Contact Management, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Dashboards. It does this at a single affordable price point and the no-code environment means that businesses can always be AGILE in their approach to everything that they do. 

Survey Mechanics is a UK based company that offers its clients instant surveys and automatic analysis in an easy-to-use environment. The team takes the consultative approach and will always take the time to understand their clients’ requirements. There are no hidden costs and no cost at all to actually send the surveys.  

10% of the people who love you, will tell you. 10% of the people who hate you will tell you. It is the 80% in the middle that you need to know more about. Survey Mechanics gives you the ability to understand and engage with that 80%. 

Like us here at Collier Pickard, the experience at Survey Mechanics runs deep. The knowledge that we have attained whilst working with the team stands testament to the level of experience that they have. 

Right, so we have two slices of amazing sourdough bread above, what is the filler in our integration sandwich?  

Well, it is quite a juicy filler, with a lot for us to sink our teeth into. The full Survey Mechanics experience is now available from within your Maximizer CRM platform, you get a fully-fledged, affordable CRM platform that has Professional Research and Innovative Data Management built into the platform. 

Ok, the sandwich looks good, and smells good but what does it taste like? Taste buds at the ready? 

Professional Research 

Know and understand the level of satisfaction that exists within your client base. What should you be doing more of? What perhaps could you be doing less of? Don’t ask, don’t know. Customer satisfaction levels are fed automatically into Maximizer so it is now easy to ask, and you are always in the know. 

Data Management 

I know that I labour on with the importance of Data Management but it cannot be understated. Data is the food that fuels your business. Data flow, whether it is in or out, is automatically fed into Maximizer. 

Business Development 

Auto-create new contact records for email marketing responses. This instantly generates lead lists or will assist you in further qualifying prospects that you are currently engaged with. 

Training Course Feedback & Automatic Certification 

Are you a membership body or a company that offers certifications? Measure and organise delegates’ and students’ feedback whilst generating certificates automatically. 

Data Cleansing 

A swift details checking type survey to your customers and suppliers will allow you to check key CRM data and replace outdated User Defined Fields with accurate information. The webinar mentioned at the end of the article has Brian Hume of Martec detailing exactly how he does this. 

Automation Station 

When business processes cause irritation, try a bit of automation. Maximizer when coupled with Survey Mechanics will allow the automation of the following areas: 

  • Updating mobile workforce job/visit data. 
  • Automate KPIs and NPS 
  • Automate new account forms 
  • Automate service records 

Wow, I am full. That was a properly good sandwich. I rather enjoyed layering the beast for you and I hope that you enjoyed consuming it as much as I did making it. 

Collier Pickard has partnered with Survey Mechanics and is already working closely with them to delight our customer base by furthering our promise to improve the way that they think about acquiring, developing and retaining relationships with customers and suppliers.  

We ran a webinar where we were joined by one of our customers who detailed, in-depth exactly how the integration between the two platforms has revolutionised the way they do business. Please feel free to have a look: Collier Pickard – Survey Mechanics Webinar 

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