posted by Dougie Collier on June 16, 2022

Automate Your CRM with Zapier Title ImageAutomation is already a reality in many workplaces and using Zapier to automate your CRM can save you time and allow you to focus on what really matters – growing your business.

Its expanding popularity stems from its ability to automate thousands of processes on a large scale. Integrations are the new building blocks for a better user experience as digital companies seek solutions to meet increased demand.

However, simply creating an integration (and getting it to work) isn’t enough. Not if you want your users to be able to develop automated workflows and get started with them immediately.

Why use Zapier to Automate your CRM?

According to a Zapier poll of knowledge workers performed in 2019, 73% use a range of apps that they wish worked better together. And 81% actively seek solutions that allow them to share data from one app to another.

That’s exactly what Zapier’s suite of embed tools have been created for. Your CRM is there to have all your customer information and communications in one place, with Zapier you can seamlessly pass that data into other applications that you use with ease.

As of writing this article, Zapier currently connects over 5,000 applications together. That’s a lot of integrations. From adding new Eventbrite attendees to linking Survey Monkey responses to the correct contacts in your CRM, there are plenty of time saving and product enhancing features available to you.

If This, Then That

So, how does this all work?

Have you ever heard the phrase – ‘If This, Then That’? If there is a certain Trigger, that will then put into motion a series of Actions. Zapier monitors the source app (Survey Monkey, Eventbrite, etc.) for certain Triggers and if they happen it then passes that data to the receiver app.

1. Someone registers to attend your event through Eventbrite – this is the Trigger
2. Zapier then takes that information (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, etc.) and passes it through any filters that you might have set up
3. Once the data comes through the filters it is then passed to your CRM

There are lots of clever and intricate things that you can do with Zapier but let’s keep things simple for now.

Once the data has been passed to your CRM, you can have notifications sent to the organisers of the event, the attendee can be sent a confirmation email and added to a campaign, an opportunity can be created, etc.

This is only one example, but hopefully you can see all the time saving potential that setting up Zapier with your CRM can have.

What else can you do with Zapier?

In our Zaps we have data cleaning filters set up, using these we can make sure that leads without a ‘Last Name’ or ‘Company Name’ are not passed through, this means that only complete data is sent through to our CRM.

You can also set certain filters to pass the data to the correct people or teams. If you have a specific team that manages event applicants, or a multiple sales team that operates in different areas, you can have filters set up to direct those leads to where they need to be.

You might have made changes to some of the data in your CRM and want it reflected in your marketing automation system. If you are running nurture campaigns and someone on that campaign calls in to your office, by tracking that data in your CRM you can send a signal via Zapier to your marketing automation system to have them taken off the nurture campaign and moved to a prospect campaign.


Zapier is an incredibly powerful tool, from simple automations to multi-step integrations, there are hundreds, if not thousands of time savings automations that can be done through Zapier. If you want to find out more about Zapier and how it can help automate your CRM, get in touch.

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