Our Track Record in CRM and CX

Our track record stretches back 25 years – to software tools which were called contact management, sales force automation, customer service management. These tools blended together in the 1990s as new players emerged and new CRM thinking developed. We have worked with all the major CRM brands in one way or another over the years.

During our time as CRM specialists we have strived to deliver value, not software. There’s not much point in deploying a new software tool and expecting it to deliver improvements of itself. Value comes from relating the technology to the goals of the business and making it relevant to the people who need to use it.

Our track record in the specialised field of customer relationship management and customer experience technology – CRM and CX – is underpinned by a strong philosophy:

Enriching student experience with CRM

Make it easier for people to do their jobs on a day to day basis

– and thereby –

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Release time for them to become more effective in the way they work with customers

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