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Q&A video with Business Reporter: How CRM can grow your business

Once in a while you go through your archive of goodies and rediscover old gems that you feel deserve to be shared again. Back in December 2014, Alan Joenn (our Marketing Director) was interviewed by Business Reporter as part of their Small Business Panel Debates. It was filmed at

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CRM technical requirements – what are they?

The business has spoken. This year they want to implement a CRM solution. They need it to be live by the beginning of the new financial year. They have researched the market, created a shortlist, and now they just need you, the IT person, to “get it

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Infographic: What works, what doesn’t in CRM

In the business world, Customer Relationship Management systems can be effective tools to use for acquiring, developing and retaining customers and prospects. But, as with any other tool, it’s only as effective as the people using it – and how they use it. CRM, afterall, cannot be

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How to define your business strategy before you select CRM software

One consistent element that runs through my blogs is the need for your CRM system to support your broader business strategy. If you look at any of our customer success stories, you will see that strategic vision is a key element in CRM success. I believe that

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The Halloween horrors of CRM

It’s soon Halloween, in case you haven’t been reminded by your kids or you’ve managed to walk through the high street and supermarkets with blinkers on (and I wouldn’t blame you if you did!).

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Automating tasks to increase the efficiency of your business with CRM

Throughout this site, and many others, there is a sensible focus on data quality in CRM systems. In the rush to focus your CRM efforts on ensuring the quality of the data in your system, we sometimes miss the reason “Why?”

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Key Performance Indicators in CRM: Are your KPIs Hygienic?

Some time ago I came across the term “hygienic KPIs” in a CRM Management magazine – it was defined as “how good you are at using the application”.

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How to select the right CRM software

You’ve thought about CRM, you’ve read about it, you’ve talked to your colleagues, you’ve built an understanding of the benefits that are on offer from successful CRM. And now it’s time to bite the bullet and select the right CRM software for your business. But caution is

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How Can I Get My Staff Invested In CRM?

In the past, there were regular reports of CRM systems failing to demonstrate a Return on Investment (ROI). Thankfully, the incidence of CRM system failure is declining and success is the new normal. How did this change come about – and what lessons can be learnt?

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The Changing Face of Marketing: Operational and Data Skills

In the previous three blogs, we talked about how the role of the marketer has seen many changes over the past 10 years. In reference to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2015 report, which is based on a survey of 478 high-level marketing executives worldwide, marketers believe that

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