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Video: What is CRM as a Service?

The term “CRM as a Service” has been used recently, and it always seems to be people talking about technology. They’re talking about software and platforms in the cloud that house the technology. So CRM as a Service, really, means Software as a Service. We’ve been working

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Collier Pickard’s GDPR preparations

Our GDPR preparations – or the tale of the cobbler’s childrens’ shoes. If you are preparing your data for the implementation of GDPR on the 25th of May 2018 – then you may well feel my pain. Like you, the team here at Collier Pickard have been

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5 ways to manage your CRM data input effectively

Over the years, we’ve written many blogs about data integrity and how to spot the signs when it’s going downhill. We therefore know it’s important to understand how your data is being inserted into your CRM system as this is largely the base on which users’ daily

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Existing data and GDPR – what you need to know now

In previous blogs I have written about the need to get ready for GDPR (as I write this blog at the end of November 2017, there are less than 180 days left, including weekends and public holidays). If you think the earth was created in 7 days

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Understanding dashboard data

In a blog I posted about “How to create dashboards in Infor CRM” we looked at dashboards as a general tool to help you stay closer to the valuable data you need to be as efficient as possible. I highlighted the importance of having the right data

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What’s the best way to use picklists in Infor CRM?

Picklists are fantastic for keeping your data quality high by controlling the values a user can enter. This makes reporting and searching much more reliable – we all know the issues with free type fields don’t we? But not all picklists behave the same as they depend on

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How to be disciplined about data quality

Start as you mean to go on. From the moment you start using your CRM system it is essential that you keep your CRM data clean, relevant and up to date. The quality of your data is paramount as inaccurate data will lead to frustrated users, poor user-adoption, mistakes being made and ultimately, a

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What are calculated user-defined fields in Maximizer?

Users of Maximizer CRM will be familiar with user-defined fields (UDFs). Fields that can be configured to describe Companies, Contacts, Opportunities or Customer Service cases. Fields that build your unique insight and processes into your CRM system. For many, these are the bits of data that hold

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Managing managers with CRM

In September 2015 I joined Collier Pickard as the Managing Director’s PA, and now that a year has passed, I have been reflecting on how working with a CRM system has changed my working life – for the better; how it has made me become more efficient and

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How to manage CRM data integrity

Accurate data is just one cog in the mechanics of a CRM system, but it’s a very important one: ‘dirty’ data leads to incorrectly targeted marketing campaigns, embarrassed team members and frustrated customers. It is therefore vital that you have a system in place that ensures your

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