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Do’s and don’ts when managing sales opportunities with CRM

If your business development team doesn’t have a data driven culture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when reviewing your team’s sales opportunities in CRM. For example, you might think – why are there open opportunities which are expected to close in the past?! Why are there 3 copies of the

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CRM training videos

97% of marketers revealed that video has boosted user understanding of their product or service. Video is seen, almost unanimously, as having the ability to help users understand products and services. So says Wyzowl in this year’s annual report ‘The state of video marketing’. The survey also

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CRM in 2017: Thoughts from a business owner

2016 saw many changes on the political and economic arenas, but in the world of business software, the changes were less seismic and more gradual. As a business owner and managing director of a small company, I am always keen to follow changes in each of these areas, as it inevitably

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Is CRM a Culture or a System?

If you’re looking to invest in Customer Relationship Management and are starting to talk to CRM providers or CRM system authors, ask yourself this: Are they really offering to fix a problem you’re facing?

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What is CRM?

What is CRM? CRM (Customer relationship management or Client Relationship Management) is a highly adopted strategy for managing an organisations interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. The overall goals are to acquire, develop and retain clients.

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Collier Pickard has been trading since 2004. The core team, however, has been together for more than 20 years – which means we have a great deal of experience as an independent CRM consultancy.

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