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CRM for Inbound Selling

The traditional benefit of a CRM system is still predominantly thought to be the outbound sales management functionality, but with the increasing prowess of marketing automation systems and, particularly their expanding integration into CRM platforms, how do the odds stack up for inbound rather than outbound sales

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Monitoring sales team performance with CRM

What sort of questions should you be asking from your CRM system to extract valuable sales performance insights? This will depend on your industry and business model, but here are some pointers to get you thinking: Which customers do you spend the most time and effort on? Effort could be

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Do’s and don’ts when managing sales opportunities with CRM

If your business development team doesn’t have a data driven culture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when reviewing your team’s sales opportunities in CRM. For example, you might think – why are there open opportunities which are expected to close in the past?! Why are there 3 copies of the

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How to achieve accurate sales forecasting and management

A sales person will often rely on experience and gut feel to estimate the probability of closing a sales deal. Whilst personal knowledge and hands-on experience certainly goes a long way, this doesn’t necessarily always work. So we have developed a question-and-answer style grid to help achieve

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Trade shows: how can your CRM system help you get organised?

I have a confession to make – I’m not a huge fan of doing trade shows, or exhibitions as we also call them. There is always a ton of stuff to prepare, organise, execute and follow up on… and it’s not because I’m work-shy, but it can

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How to use Quotes and Sales Orders in Infor CRM

Sales processes can sometimes be long and complicated, depending on what products and services are involved. A good CRM system will help streamline the process, linking initial quotes and sales orders with opportunities to provide a clear picture of what, when and who is involved from initial

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Video: What are Opportunities in Infor CRM?

One of the pillars in any CRM system is sales management. In Infor CRM, and indeed in most other CRM systems, your potential sales converting to accounts and contacts are called opportunities. Opportunity management allows you to store and report on information that you’ve collected on each

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How to create dashboards – for the sales manager

Dashboards in Maximizer CRM are great tools to use as they provide users and managers with a top-down view of activities (sales, marketing and customer service), making it easy to monitor progress. What’s more, it allows you to see metrics in real time so you can quickly

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Sales managers: what should they be managing?

In my previous blog I talked about CRM for sales management and the challenges sales managers face; how their role should embrace not only being the best sales manager, but also to motivate other sales people and be a professional mentor. I also covered the challenges in retaining talented

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CRM for sales management: making sales managers better

Given my passion for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), perhaps it’s not surprising that it puzzles me when people don’t understand all the benefits that a CRM system can bring. Whilst some emphasise how CRM can drive marketing and sales, others focus on improving customer service, retention and profitability. With so many

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