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Do’s and don’ts when managing sales opportunities with CRM

If your business development team doesn’t have a data driven culture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when reviewing your team’s sales opportunities in CRM. For example, you might think – why are there open opportunities which are expected to close in the past?! Why are there 3 copies of the

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How to use Infor CRM for contract management

Contracts can come with several complexities in today’s world, especially when you take into account factors such as renewals and other complications such as discounts. These layers of complexity mean that it can be difficult to manage your customers’ contracts properly unless you’ve got a system that

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CRM in 2017: Thoughts from a business owner

2016 saw many changes on the political and economic arenas, but in the world of business software, the changes were less seismic and more gradual. As a business owner and managing director of a small company, I am always keen to follow changes in each of these areas, as it inevitably

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Q&A video with Business Reporter: How CRM can grow your business

Once in a while you go through your archive of goodies and rediscover old gems that you feel deserve to be shared again. Back in December 2014, Alan Joenn (our Marketing Director) was interviewed by Business Reporter as part of their Small Business Panel Debates. It was filmed at

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CRM Challenges – Understanding CRM Maturity 4

CRM Challenges – Understanding CRM Maturity 4 This is the final blog in a series that has looked at CRM Maturity as a tool to assist you in designing and implementing a successful CRM solution for your company. I’ve been involved with CRM over many years, and

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