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CRM is for life, not just for Christmas!

CRM is for life… Not just for Christmas With the end of the year fast approaching, you’d be forgiven for thinking that companies are beginning to wind down. This is certainly not the case with many of the financial services clients I manage. In the run-up to

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5 important CRM project start-up tasks

So you’ve identified what your CRM strategy is and you’ve been through a lengthy process of inviting various CRM suppliers to pitch a selection of products to your company. You’ve narrowed this list down based on how well this fits with your strategy and eventually decided on

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CRM seminar in London on 28th March

There’s only one reason to accept an invitation to a seminar these days – and that’s because there’s something of value to be learned … something which you cannot find online. So please join us at our seminar on Tuesday 28th March at Southwark Cathedral, near London Bridge.

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What’s the best way to use picklists in Infor CRM?

Picklists are fantastic for keeping your data quality high by controlling the values a user can enter. This makes reporting and searching much more reliable – we all know the issues with free type fields don’t we? But not all picklists behave the same as they depend on

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Efficient Ticket Management in Infor CRM – Understanding Contract Types

How well the Ticket functionality is used in your Infor CRM system depends on several factors, so in the following blogs and videos I will cover some best practices and tips for how to save time by setting them up and configuring them. This 6-part series will cover:

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What does an independent CRM consultant do?

If you are preparing to deploy a CRM solution across your organisation, why should you take some of your limited budget and give it to an independent CRM consultant? This becomes even more relevant if you have already chosen your CRM platform. Do independent consultants help or

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Best practices when using Infor CRM’s Xbar and Outlook Connector

Now that we’ve had a look at Infor CRM’s Xbarand the  Outlook Connector as well as gone through their differences, let’s take a deeper look at how these nifty tools can be fine-tuned to suit your individual preferences. By fine-tuning the way things are done, you will not only

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How to enforce CRM best practices in your business

Following on from recent blogs on Analytical CRM (Alan) and Operational CRM (mine), what about some thoughts on CRM best practice? If your CRM system is to reach its full potential, then it has to do more than just improve efficiency and reduce risk. To achieve the

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CRM Best Practice Coaching

CRM Best Practice Coaching Collier Pickard has just launched a new service for new and existing clients alike. CRM Best Practice Coaching is designed to move your organisation swiftly through Levels 1 and 2 of the CRM Maturity scale. For existing clients, maybe you are in a

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Behaviour change and CRM – CRM Best Practice

Behaviour change and CRM – CRM Best Practice I track a few special interest groups on LinkedIn. Maybe you do the same thing. This morning I was interested in one of the posts from the professional services community. Someone had asked the question “What CRM system does

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