Scott Simner
posted by Scott Simner on September 29, 2016

Maximizer_CRM_My_Work_Day_User_Preference.jpgHow do you begin your work day? Do you start by looking at your calendar to see what appointments you’ve got, or do you look at your hotlist tasks to see what requires urgent attention? Or do you look at your dashboards to get an overview of stats and other specific information? Perhaps your company is an avid user of Company Announcements so you should start each day by seeing what the latest company update is?

The answer may be that you view all of the above – or perhaps most or some of the above. But did you know that you can customise your “My Work Day” so that information that’s relevant to you is displayed on one screen for you? This can be really handy as it makes your work day scannable and easily digestible. Here’s how you do it.  

My Work Day in Maximizer web client

To customise “My Work Day” in the web client, you will need to click on your profile icon:


Then select ‘Preferences’:


This will open up a new window called ‘Personal Preferences’ (screenshot below). From here you will need to select ‘Other Preferences’ as indicated by the red square:


This will open up the ‘Preferences’ window, which has 6 tabs. Click on the ‘Start up’ tab:


The ‘Dashboards & My Work Day options’ area of this window is where you are able to select/deselect what is visible in the ‘My Work Day’ tab in your Maximizer web client. Remember to always save your changes by clicking ‘Save’ at the main preferences window.


Additionally, if you do have all three selected, this will result in the ‘My Work Day’ section of Maximizer having two tabs, as seen below – one for My Work Day, the other for your Dashboards:


My Work Day in Maximizer Windows client

To make these changes to the windows client, you will need to go to the ‘Setup’ tab and then click ‘Preferences’:


This will open the ‘Preferences’ window, which has 15 tabs. To make these changes, go to the ‘Overview Page’ tab:


There are three options in the tab, which modify what is displayed in the ‘My Work Day’ section of your Maximizer Windows client:


If you have all three selected, you will notice two tabs in the ‘My Work Day’ section – one for ‘My Work Day’, the other for your Dashboards, as seen below. Remember to save your changes by clicking ‘OK’ afterwards.



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